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Meet… Larsen B

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Meet… Larsen B

Larsen B are named after an Antarctic ice shelf, though the band’s sound couldn’t be further away from the cold image it conjures. Hailing from Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire (though calling it by the doomsday book recorded ‘Watamestede’) Will Baguley, Simon Palmer and Paddy Smith formed Larsen B with the intention of weaving glorious and well crafted pop songs for the world to hear.

Their first EP ‘The Treasured Memories of Cecil Element’ released in 2007 began the journey into their current incarnation from a more country tinged sound, before signing to Try Harder Records (Foals, Blood Red Shoes, Joy Formidable) in 2008.

On Try Harder they released their second EP ‘Marilyn’ to a chorus of delighted praise, garnering attention everywhere from Mark Radcliffe to The Guardian’s music editor Micheal Hann . Marilyn’s inclusion on this album is a welcome one as the tracks shimmering quality and infectious chorus leaves you wondering whether anyone in the world could ever feel anything but endearment to the tune.

Recorded at the Stables in Watamestede, listening to an album is sometimes like taking a tour of their village. ‘The Gold Cup’ swings by the Church for a spot of rapturous praise, before inviting the local postman around for a jam on ‘Kindling’ (the backing vocals here are indeed, provided by their postman). The album is filled with warm tunes, massive choruses and the innocence that good pop ever so rarely even catches a glimpse of.

Set to arrive in stores on July 5th through Old Radio Tunes, forthcoming debut album ‘Musketeer’ echoes the atmosphere of Summer so strongly you begin to wonder if Wheathampstead has ever suffered through a harsh Winter, a golden Autumn is as close as we ever get.



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