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Meet… The Lionheart Brothers

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Meet… The Lionheart Brothers

Norwegian band The Lionheart Brothers are pleased to release new track ‘The Desert’. This is one of the first workings taken from their forthcoming new album which comes three years after the highly acclaimed Dizzy Kiss LP. For this new album, the band have swapped their west coast psychedelia for darker matter and is the result of a band in existential crisis.

The last release was especially remembered for the “50 Souls And A Discobowl” track, which soon became a national hype as the third most played track at Norwegian broadcast radio NRK P3 and nominations at the Norwegian Grammy. The band headed out on a two year long journey, promoting and touring both Scandinavia and UK. Expectations were high and the tempo even higher. Then; silence. “The sources was empty and the musical depression was increasingly lurking in the backs of our heads”, the band members say.

Drummer Peter Rudolfsen decided to swap the sticks with family time. As replacement, the former member of the band, Fred Gerhard Strand rejoined the group. Meanwhile, the members appeared in other bands; Jaga Jazzist, I Was A King, Serena-Maneesh & Pirate Love. The Brothers had one foot on tour and the other in their own rehearsal room. Between the sessions, questions kept reappearing. For who and for what? Eventually, they had to make a choice, “either we quit, or we put what we have on tape. After that start up fresh”. They scheduled two weeks in the studio with the intention that this was all they needed. It took nine months, a child was born, Matters of Love and Nature was finished. In the studio, the fire that originally had them come together was once again relit. The tension, the unsolved conflicts and all the crap that no one addressed, resolved into squeaking dissonances, death-bringing drums, piercing guitars and pleading lyrics.

The Lionheart Brothers by Anorak London

The Lionheart Brothers was originally formed back in 1998 by Marcus Forsgren and Fred Gerhard Strand in Klæbu, a small town right in the middle of Norway. In 2007, the album Dizzy Kiss was released as a critics favorite in both Scandinavia and the UK. Previously released albums are “White Angel Black Apple” and “Colour Contrast Context” (EP).

The Lionheart Brothers are:
Marcus Forsgren
Morten Øby
Audun Storset
Jørgen Andreassen
Fred Gerhard Strand



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