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Morcheeba remixes and gigs!

July 14, 2010 by  

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Morcheeba remixes and gigs!

Morcheeba are set to release five remixes of their single Even Though on July 26th. The original track is taken from the new album ‘Blood Like Lemonade’ and the mixes come courtesy of two Belgian production duos: Mustang and Surfing Leons. One of the Surfing Leons mixes (the Surfing Leons Afternoon Remix to be exact) is available to download for FREE now.

RCRDLBL ‘Trip-hop’s enjoying a bit of a renaissance, isn’t it? Guess you can chalk that up to dubstep’s ever-growing presence. Or maybe people are just realizing the theme song to House is Massive Attack’s “Teardrop”. Whatever the case, Morcheeba’s reunion with longtime vocalist Skye Edwards couldn’t come at a better time. Their new album together, Blood Like Lemonade, is out now and this entrenched-in-bassmud remix from Belgium’s Surfing Leons is your free primer. 1995, meet 2010.’

Download the Surfing Leons Afternoon Remix here:

Full list of mixes to be made available on July 26th:
1. Even Though (Radio Edit)
2. Even Though (Mustang Remix)
3. Even Though (Surfing Leons Afternoon Remix)
4. Even Though (Surfing Leons Evil Remix)
5. Even Though (Mustang Dub Remix)

Morcheeba have confirmed the following shows this summer, with more to be announced:

8 Les Ardentes Festival, Liege
9 Festival Bete de Scene, Mulhouse
10 Festival Terres de Son, Tours
12 Porto Antico di Genova SPA, Italy
13 Apolo B, Barcelona Spain
14 Heineken Space, Madrid Spain
15 Mares vivas Festival, Villa Nova De gaia Portugal
17 Festival Aux Zarbes, Auxerre
18 Den Atelier, Luxembourg
19 Paradiso, Amsterdam
20 Gloria Theatre, Cologne Germany
24 Blue Balls Festival, Luzern
28 The Fillmore, San Francisco
30 Hollywood Bowl, LA
31 Hollywood Bowl, LA
8 The Big Chill festival, Deer Park, UK
11 Adem Jashari, Kosova Albania
13 Piazza dell’Unita D’Italia, Trieste italy
15 Fete du Bruit dans Landerneau, Landerneau
23 Roundhouse, London



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