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Night Noise Team release new album ‘Slow Release’ on May 16th

March 18, 2011 by  

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Night Noise Team release new album ‘Slow Release’ on May 16th

Art-rockers Night Noise Team return this May with a brand new album ‘Slow Release’.

Night Noise Team show they know exactly how to put together a Manics-inspired dark rock song with a haunting, associative lyrical power that suggests more than it commits. It’s a towering achievement of an album, almost bursting with ideas and the kind of taught, focused energy that is sure to bring acclaim.

To listen to Slow Release is to succumb to Sean Ormsby’s distinctive vocal. Falling somewhere between Morrissey’s laconic drawl, the gentle Scottish-isms of Belle & Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch and the desperate fragility of Bombay Bicycle Club’s Jack Steadman it’s an idiosyncratic voice, both spoken and sung, that unites and propels Night Noise Team’s every move.

Speaking of the release, vocalist / guitarist Sean Ormsby said: “You could say ‘Slow Release’ concerns the urban mind. It’s a trawl through the city’s psyche that touches on paranoia, despair and euphoria. Sometimes it wants to sit and reflect, sometimes dance and forget. The title describes the songs revealing themselves over time. We hope they’re worth getting to know, maybe like an old-fashioned courtship”



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