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Noddy’s Favourite Memories!

November 19, 2009 by  

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Noddy’s Favourite Memories!

Below are the links for a couple of videos of tracks from the album of old TV performances that are a lot of fun! There are also a couple of quotes from frontman Noddy Holder and his memories of the performances.

“Slade were being interviewed on a daytime talk show in San Francisco. There was a female ‘co host’ on the show, Jane, who really just sat there silently, looking pretty. Before the show went to air she had lost what she thought were these vintage 40s shoes ( in reality they were platform shoes you could buy on the High St. anywhere in Britain at that time). She was having a serious diva moment and I was taking the mickey out of her which just made matters worse.

It was recorded in a couple of takes at the end of a recording session as there was some time left to spare.”

“Slade’s first No. 1 single. Written by me & Jim Lea in less than half an hour….. our first attempt at writing a hit song! The recording also featured Jim on electric violin, boot stamping and hand clapping was added to enhance what was to become the band’s trademark raucous sound. It’s success all over Europe opened the floodgates to Slade’s chart domination worldwide.”



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