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Noisia release online game!

March 6, 2010 by  

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Noisia release online game!

To coincide with the release of their new single ‘Machine Gun’ [released March 8th], Dutch producing trio Noisia have developed a free online game, along with Dutch company Flavour, which they see as a pioneering way to fight against the declining revenues in the music industry and which will launch at www.noisia.nl/game.


Having already been featured heavily in major computer games such as Gran Turismo, DJ Hero and WipeOut HD, the producers are aware that the use of a song in such high-profile games guarantees millions, maybe even billions, of plays worldwide. Figuring that the concept of music supporting computer games could be reversed, they teamed up with developers Flavour for an online game based entirely on Noisia’s music.

The game is all about the music. Through each level you ‘play’ the songs and fire on the beat. The better your rhythm is, the higher you eventual score will be. The boss battles are based on remixes of the original. After more than a year of development Flavour is launching the first level on March 8th. This level is designed around the first single, ‘Machine Gun’.

Speaking on the ‘Noisia Infection’ game, Emily Jacometti, commercial director of Flavour said: “This playful way to bring people into contact with music is a logical next step in online trends. In the ’80s MTV revolutionised the music industry with the introduction of music videos. Games are the interactive videos of the future.”

The full release of the album ‘Split the Atom’ on April 5th will be paired with the release of new levels with new tracks. The game will continue to innovate with extras and upgrades and by doing so Flavour expects to gather a large group of repeating visitors with Jacometti stating “Noisia is the first band to implement a game of such a big scale, but other artists are already at the door.”

Manager Walter Flapper added: “The Internet is getting more and more important and this game is an ideal way to reach our audience. Throughout the game people come into contact with Noisia in a new and interactive way which will hopefully convince people to buy the music instead of illegally downloading it.”



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