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Popular Belgian ska-crew ‘Overweight’ unleash their infectious new EP ‘Chapter 11’ on 5th December 2011 through all digital stores. The lively mobsters also undertake further Euro shows in support of the record launch.

Showcasing a cunning knack for crafting addictive melody, party-time vibes, and up-tempo song arrangements, Overweight are gaining new fans, and fast picking up friends right throughout the whole of Europe. The lively punksters have amassed an impressive reputation for their upbeat attitudes and energetic live shows, having already racked up shows throughout France, Belgium, Holland and the UK. Along the way, the animated punksters have tagged gigs with the likes of Janez Detd, P.O. Box, the Junk, Big D And The Kid’s Table, The Maple Room, and Jesse James.

Back in 2001 in Vilvoorde, Belgium, school friends Ralle (Trumpet / Backing Vocals), Wannes (Drums), Boone (Guitar / Backing Vocals), and Tiele (Vocals / Trombone) began to hash out punk covers in the local (and debilitated) rehearsal room. Conquering their growing pains and settling into their skin, Overweight was born. With a mutual affection for Fat Wreck artists and Three wave Ska bands (ala Mad Caddies, Less than Jake), the upstarts soon found their footing and began to cultivate their own sound and songwriting prowess. As the band evolved, they recruited their final permanent member by drafting in long time friend, Willem (Bass). The enthused quintet then began to demo tracks for their eagerly awaited debut album, entitled ‘The World for Sale’. The band’s debut earned wide critical acclaim throughout UK and the whole of Europe and has helped to cement the euro punks status as ‘ones to watch’.

The irrepressible vagabonds continued throughout the whole of 2010 with extensive touring while tentatively planning for the debut album. During this time, original founder and beatmaster Wannes surprisingly left the band to pursue personal endeavors, and after a lengthy search, the hard-working ska-nuts managed to excavate the promising Julien, who’s perfect fit in the band has helped to enhance the group sound and add further shifting dynamics.

Now armed with their brand new EP ‘Chapter 11’, which is loaded to the brim with carefully honed tunes and jam-packed with contagious hooks, boisterous good-time energy, and sporadic sonic guitar avalanches, the animated punkers are all set to bring the party right to your doorstep!



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