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Pledge Music partners with Madina Lake

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Pledge Music partners with Madina Lake

London, January 18th 2010 – Pledge Music the groundbreaking new fan funded investment platform which launched in November last year has partnered with another name artist – the acclaimed US rock band Madina Lake – to offer fans the chance to be part of the making of a brand new EP alongside a wide range of exciting offers including unprecedented access to the band & exclusive merchandise.

The band has also committed to giving a percentage of any monies they raise via Pledge Music to charity and have nominated the Keep-a-Breast campaign to be the beneficiaries.

Madina Lake has become the latest in a growing band of name artists to eschew conventional record deals and reach out directly to their fans via Pledge Music.

Since launching last year Pledge Music has already initiated hugely successful campaigns for, among others, Duke Special, Electric Eel Shock and Danish superstar Tina Dico, both of whom received an overwhelming response from their fans.

Chicago based Madina Lake released their critically acclaimed debut album ‘From Them, Through Us, to You’ on Roadrunner Records in 2007 and followed it up with the equally well received ‘Attics to Eden’ in 2009.

The band are asking their fans to pledge towards the making of a brand new as yet untitled, EP. Unlike other fan funded platforms Pledge Music does not take any money from fans until the entire pledge target is met and the band will retain all the rights to their music. Pledge Music also charges the lowest, flat rate commission in the marketplace.

In addition to this new EP Madina Lake are also making available a number of amazing incentives and offers to their fans via Pledge Music. These range from special edition and signed CD’s, merchandise and memorabilia through to the chance to hang out with the band in the studio or and introduce them on stage. Fans can even get a personalized Madina Lake song and hand written lyric sheet or book the band to play a personal show for them!

Malcolm Dunbar, Managing Director of Pledge Music said, “Madina Lake signing up to work with Pledge Music is a major coup for us and further evidence that our appeal is both international and extremely wide ranging. The band has already released two extremely well received and successful albums and have now decided to reach our directly to their fans during this particular phase of their career. The package of incentives that they have put together to offer their fans is stunning and I have no doubt that their pledge campaign will be a real success.”

Madina Lake said, “Pledge Music has provided a struggling and confused industry with a clever and intriguing idea. By aligning artists with charities, they have opened the door to music fans, allowing them unique and personal experiences with their favorite bands for a beautiful cause. For anyone who knows Madina Lake, they know how important it is for us to be close and feel connected with our audience. Pledge Music facilitates this desire with the added gratification that comes with donating to charitable causes that are important to us.”

The Madina Lake pledge campaign is now live and interested pledgers should visit for more information.



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