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PYMCA Cultural Research

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PYMCA Cultural Research

PYMCA are delighted to announce the launch of PYMCA Cultural Research, a ground-breaking online research portal set to revolutionise the way we conduct research projects.

PYMCA Cultural Research will see PYMCA’s spectacular imagery collection complemented by extensive research texts from respected authors including Ted Polhemus and King Adz, plus a collaboration with Frank Broughton and Bill Brewster from The research archive is to be further bolstered by the inclusion of video content from the BBC Motion Gallery and links to additional content including books, music, film, video and websites

PYMCA’s unrivalled authenticity is gained through its carefully selected contributors and photographers who are, or were, deeply involved in the cultures that they have captured and documented, giving their work an added intensity and honesty whilst delivering a genuine and valuable cultural insight as seen through the eyes of those who were there.

Upon logging into PYMCA Cultural Research, subscribers will enjoy navigating this extremely user-friendly website which will have new content added to it on a regular basis. From the homepage you’ll click on ‘Cultural Research’ at the top of the screen where you’ll be faced with links to each decade from 1940s through to 2000s and every subculture imaginable; from Hippies to Hipsters, Surfers to Skinheads and New Romantics to New Age Travellers. When you click on a decade’s link, you’re taken to that decade’s homepage with an extensive rundown of the decade’s news headlines, integral film and music releases and events as well as essays from respected commentators. Each subculture associated with the decade has its own link where you can get targeted research of Mods, Rockers, Hippies and all the other cultural ambassadors of the era as well as direct external links to online providers of essential songs, recommended books and films too.

This unique youth culture resource has been over ten years in the making and will now be accessible, on a subscriber basis, to consumers, educational establishments and businesses alike. PYMCA Cultural Research will enable Universities and businesses to provide their students and employees with an exhaustive, reliable and time-effective portal of information with authentic information provided by some of the planet’s most knowledgeable youth culture experts. No more worrying about the inaccuracies of online resources, with hours and hours of the finest youth culture media ever recorded by the pen, microphone and video camera, PYMCA Cultural Research IS the most extensive, accurate and authentic youth culture research site available.

As the author Ted Polhemus states of the PYMCA archive: “you will see some famous faces and lots of extraordinary, cutting edge characters whose names are known only to their mates. These are the greatest heroes of all, the unknown soldiers, of this revolution: the ordinary, unordinary and, ultimately extraordinary people who, often against the odds, succeeded in making themselves into works of art. Just for the hell of it. Just because they could”.

PYMCA has built its reputation as the World’s leading photographic youth music culture archive, specialising in global youth culture, lifestyle and music and was established over a decade ago by Jon Swinstead. His aim was to create a collection of images that captured the real essence of life as a young person. PYMCA has been known as an independent, London-based archive, since 1997, sourcing, and collecting quality photography documenting youth and subculture fashions, movements and lifestyles from all over the world, past and present. PYMCA images are unique by delivering an intrinsic understanding of these cultures, as opposed to the typical media stereotyping and pigeonholing. Many of its photographers were deeply involved in the cultures that they captured through the lens, giving their work an added intensity and honesty and delivering a more genuine cultural insight. Over the past few years PYMCA has produced some of London’s most interesting subcultural exhibitions using images from its archive. In 2009, PYMCA continues to develop its unique offering of images to now combine more than just images. If you have a question about youth culture, go to PYMCA Cultural Research.



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