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Ravishers preview of self-titled debut album

April 22, 2011 by  

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Ravishers preview of self-titled debut album

Portland, Oregon’s indie-pop outfit Ravishers are set to release their self titled full length debut on May 10, 2011 on Timber Carnival Records. Three years in the making, Ravishers is a follow up to the EP, ‘Singles for Singles.’ The album is the creation of writer/frontman Dominic Castillo and lead guitarist Jonathan Barker, the core band, with an assorted cast of musicians.

‘Underachievers’ is the first single off the band’s debut, self-titled full-length. Containing live favorites such as ‘Keep You Around,’ ‘My Thoughts Are Killers,’ and ‘Happening,’ the album is sure to garner attention for it’s writing, but also it’s detailed arrangements. It is with these intricacies that Ravishers flourish, creating an album that is both immediate – sharp hooks, enticing vocals – as well as deep, with unexpected harmonic turns and insightful wordplay.


Listeners will notice a few of the Singles For Singles tracks on the full length. These have undergone some re-recording and remixing because Ravishers wanted a “proper” release of them. This is good, the songs have found a home, and sound even better with Rian Lewis’ mixing. Extra cuts that didn’t make the album are already being reworked for possible future release. Let’s hope for a particularly rainy 2011.

When asked to sum up Ravishers, Castillo is quick to joke, “Fine purveyors of hand crafted songs.” He’s happy to elaborate, too. “Seriously, what we try to do is a great song. We’re still naive enough to think that rock songs matter, in some way.”




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