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RHV’s Round Up of 2009!!

December 15, 2009 by  

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RHV’s Round Up of 2009!!

So, as 2009 draws to a chilly close (at least here in the UK anyway), the RedHotVelvet team take a look back at what’s been memorable, awesome and amazing over the past telve months. In our opinion, of course!

Best Album: Motley Crue’s re-release of Dr Feelgood.
Best Single: CTRL Z – Ruffneck
Best UK Live Band: Imelda May
Best International Live Band: Manchester Orchestra
Best Festival: Download
Best Music Video: The Hickey Underworld – Blonde Fire
Best Newcomers: 12 Stone Toddler
News Story of The Year: Steven Tyler looking (ironically) like a lady, back in August.
Best Film: Bruno.
Prediction for 2010: Jedward to present Eurovision.


Best Album: CKY – Carver City
Best Single: Alberta Cross – ATX
Best UK Live Band: The Ghost of A Thousand
Best International Live Band: Alexisonfire
Best Festival: Sonisphere
Best Music Video: The Hickey Underworld – Blonde Fire
Best Newcomers: Kasms
News Story of The Year: Machine Head exposing themselves for the egotistical, bloated pricks they are by crying about being moved down the bill at Sonisphere.
Best Film: The Men Who Stare At Goats
Prediction for 2010: Michael Jackson and 2pac return from the dead and do a 9000 date world tour. Sponsored by Live Nation.

– Dave Houssein

Best Album: Blood by OSI
Best Single: ‘I’m Jim Morrison, I’m Dead’ by Mogwai. (OK, it wasn’t released as a single, but my God it should have been.)
Best UK Live Band: Orkestra Del Sol
Best International Live Band: Dornenreich
Best Festival: Glade
Best Music Video: 7th Street by Chinese Man
Best Newcomers: Little Fish
News Story of The Year: They have found water on the moon!
Best Film: District 9
Prediction for 2010: Insert some new apocalyptic prediction here

– Adam Stone

Best Album: Ane Brun – Changing Of The Seasons
Best Single: Foreign Beggars – Seven Figure Swagger
Best UK Live Band: Oasis. They still have it. Or, at least, did.
Best International Live Band: Steel Panther
Best Festival: Cornbury Festival, Oxfordshire
Best Music Video: Bowling For Soup – My Wena
Best Newcomers: Sleepercurve
News Story of The Year: Katie Price getting stuck in a jungle with no cameras, people or food. Shit, that didn’t happen though, did it?
Best Film: Nirvana – Live At Reading
Prediction for 2010: The long awaited return of Wired Desire.

– Judas Morgan

Best Album: ‘Swoon’ – Silversun Pickups
Best Single: ‘O Shot’ – The Gay Blades
Best UK Live Band: Pure Reason Revolution
Best International Live Band: The Deathset
Best Festival: Camden Crawl
Best Music Video: ‘Betrayer’ – Terror
Best Newcomers: Orphans & Vandals
News Story of The Year: Swindon has been twinned with Waly Disney World. The similarities are clearly obvious!
Best Film: Inglorious Basterds
Prediction for 2010: England will get knocked off the World Cup on penalties in the semis…

– Rich Oldale

Best Album: Daisy – Brand New
Best Single: Summer Hit Single – Dinosaur Pile Up
Best UK Live Band: Frightened Rabbit
Best International Live Band: Monotonix
Best Festival: Tramlines Festival – Sheffield
Best Music Video: We are golden – Mika
Best Newcomers: Pulled Apart By Horses
News Story of The Year: The King of Pop’s heart goes ‘pop!’
Best Film: As popcorn movies go, it has to be Star Trek.
Prediction for 2010: Dave Grohl peels off the mask to reveal that he is in fact Kurt Cobain, Michael Bay blows more shit up, Gordon Brown cries – live on TV, Busted Re-form and last but by no means least, Pete Wentz, Jimmy Page, Fatboy Slim and 50 Cent form a raprockdancefunkyhouseelectrocore band.

– Brett Chapman

Best Album: Fleet Foxes
Best Single: Ladyhawke – Back Of The Van
Best UK Live Band: Fleetwood Mac
Best International Live Band: Kings Of Leon
Best Festival: T In The Park
Best Music Video: Beyonce – Single Ladies
Best Newcomers: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
News Story of The Year: Michael Jackson’s death
Best Film: District 9
Prediction for 2010: Go Music Go

– Lawrence Poole

Best Album: Lily Allen – It’s Not Me, It’s You
Best Single: Biffy Clyro – The Captain
Best International Live Band: ZZ Top
Best Festival: Download
Best Music Video: AC/DC –Anything Goes
Best Newcomers: The Baby Darlings
News Story of The Year: Susan Boyle. Nuff said.
Best Film: Public Enemies.
Prediction for 2010: All Indie bands will catch swine flu and die. Hopefully.

– Joe McLean

Best Album: Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest
Best Single: The XX – Cristalysed
Best UK Live Band: Arctic Monkeys
Best International Live Band: Titus Andronicus (New Jersey).
Best Festival: Benicassim Festival Valencia Spain
Best Music Video: Florence and The Machine – Dog Days are over
Best Newcomers: Mumford and Sons
News Story of The Year: Death of Michael Jackson o_O
Best Film: Away We Go (Sam Mendes director).
Prediction for 2010: Folk, folk rock, folk psycodelia… lots of influenced folk bands already making it this year like Fleet Foxes, Mumford & Sonds, Grizzly Bear, Florence and The Machine and will just get better.

– Micaela Ortego Maciel

Best Album: Alice In Chains – Black Gives Way To Blue
Best Single: Lily Allen – Not Fair
Best UK Live Band: Florence Rawlings
Best International Live Band: Ill Scarlett
Best Festival: Hop Farm Festival, Kent
Best Music Video: The Hickey Underworld – Blonde Fire
Best Newcomers: Lucky Elephant
News Story of The Year: Michelle Obama being able to do 50-odd hula hoops. Impressive.
Best Film: 2012
Prediction for 2010: Shinedown to rule the world. Creed to fall flat on their big collective face.

– Mae Ling L’Argent

Best Album: Pearl Jam – Backspacer
Best Single: Biffy Clyro – Captain
Best UK Live Band: Johnny Foreigner
Best International Live Band: Pearl Jam
Best Festival: 10 Years Of ATP had the best line-up
Best Music Video: Los Campesinos! – The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future
Best Newcomers: Twin Atlantic
News Story of The Year: All the MPs’ expenses rows – especially the guy with the moat
Best Film: Anvil.
Prediction for 2010: More festivals than ever before, Pitchshifter to reform for one final tour.

– Kim Wills

Best Album: Dinosaur Pile-Up – Most Powerful EP In The Universe
Best Single: Pulled Apart By Horses – I Punched A Lion In The Throat
Best UK Live Band: Pulled Apart By Horses
Best International Live Band: The Dead Weather
Best Festival: All Tomorrows Parties
Best Music Video: The Dandy Warhols – And Then I Dreamt Of Yes
Best Newcomers: No one.
News Story of The Year: The Balloon Boy Hoax
Best Film: Up
Prediction for 2010: Flying cars become popular until they are shot down by Scientologists with lazer weaponry to clear a flight path for the second coming.

– Howrd

Best Album: The Devin Townsend Project – Ki
Best Single: Losers (Theme from Losers)
Best UK Live Band: Gallows
Best International Live Band: Soulwax
Best Festival: Rock Werchter
Best Music Video: I’ve got to say I havent really been paying attention to videos this year with long hours at work competing against lazy music channel surfing on a quiet day.
Best Newcomers: Losers
News Story of The Year: The announcement of much anticipated Bsides and rarities album/DVD from Aldershot rockers Reuben.
Best Film: Paranormal Activity
Prediction for 2010: A revolution in bedroom producing, by means of promotion and production becoming cheaper and tactics changing.

– Ian Gullon



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