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ROBOTIC HEART FOUNDATION with Stasailor’s James Walsh

March 7, 2011 by  

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ROBOTIC HEART FOUNDATION with Stasailor’s James Walsh

Robotic Heart Foundation began as an evening project, by Swedish producers Nikolaj Torp Larsson and Andreas Olson at Kensaltown studios. Interested to hear what their lush, synth arrangements would sound like with a vocal melody, the pair enlisted the aid of James Walsh (Starsailor), at the studio working on a film project.

The sessions resulted in four tracks of organic, tribal electronica, Walsh’s vocals blending beautifully with Larson and Olson’s machines. The result is unlike anything you’ll have heard since the most halcyon days of Soulwax’s turntable adventures.

Says James: “I’m not sure where the name came from I was just sent the tracks and that was the name at the top! I think its a great name so we kept it. It reflects the coming together of emotional ideas and lyrics with the more industrial synth music.”

James will continue to work with Andreas and Nick on his forthcoming solo album.

“I am going for a sound which is somewhere in between the fragile lyrics and emotional vocals I am known for and the synth fun of Robotic Heart Foundation. We’ve already started working on a few tracks and the early signs are very exciting.”

Listen to the tracks here:

James Walsh is confirmed to play this years Isle Of Wight Festival. Tickets available from the usual outlets.



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