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Sissy And The Blisters return with WE ARE THE OTHERS

February 14, 2011 by  

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Sissy And The Blisters return with WE ARE THE OTHERS

Out on 14th March 2011

Having announced their arrival on a moribund alternative scene last year with the three minute film noir of ‘The Wolf’ and debut single, ‘Things May Change’, Sissy And The Blisters return in 2011 with a second single, released on Friends Vs. Records, new dates for the faithful and the curious and the same embodiment of the fundamentals of rock ‘n’ roll that has had chins wagging throughout the end days of 2010 and into this New Year.

‘We Are The Others’ was recorded at London’s Toe Rag studios with Liam Watson on the coldest days of 2010 but burns with a primeval fire warm enough to melt the sturdiest glacier. The sessions were live to tape with the band feeling that they had the right man for the job

“Working with Liam was an amazing learning experience, his unique and bold approach to recording music is something we’ll continue to admire. Anyone can make a polished record these days but it still takes talent, dedication and love for the craft to make one on tape.”

Both a clarion call to arms and an affirmation of the brotherhood of the band, the song came out of a lost night of chemical chaos, which culminated in a burning flat and a scattering of prescription drugs heading towards the blaze.

Those who know, the likes of My Band’s Better Than Your Band, The Fly, The 405 and more have already pointed out what we know, that Sissy And The Blisters are the band that will restore the sheen to music in 2011.



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