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sometimenever ‘Father Hope’ album out

August 5, 2010 by  

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sometimenever ‘Father Hope’ album out

sometimenever ‘Father Hope’ album out on Atticus Black on Aug 30 2010.

Check out the video for ’25 knives’

Featuring vocalist Adam Powell, who is an acclaimed video director (Gallows, The Ghost A Thousand, Jamie T), sometimenever are a genius post hardcore explosion!

The band in their own words: “Sometimenever are not very good at playing the game. We never have been, we never were too hot on the old Myspace, we STILL can’t find a bloody manager and we find it really hard to fit comfortably onto a bill. ANY bill. We just don’t do things the way they’re supposed to be done…and I’m sorry to say, so far it’s cost us a fair bit. In time, recognition and achievement, whatever that means. But we’re still here, still writing and recording after seven years, 5 guys, 2 albums and 1 debatable EP later, and that’s GOT to stand for something. ‘Father Hope’ is the result of 7 years of soul searching, an attempt to find our own voice, a unique unpretentious sound. We have DELIBERATELY tried to write something different, to prove to ourselves it could be done and to find comfort in that fact.
And comfort we have found. This album is our clattering outburst of rage, frustration, hope and love. If like us you’re tired of the screaming without reason, the lyrics that mean NOTHING, the clothes meaning more than the man, then we wrote this album for you…. And we sincerely hope you like it. Love, Adam Powell, Markie Drums , James Page, Ben Purchase, Steve Devlin.”



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