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Stagecoach release Tony Hawk/Jonah Lomu

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Stagecoach release Tony Hawk/Jonah Lomu

New AA side single, ‘Tony Hawk/Jonah Lomu’ released via This Is Fake DIY Records on May 30th

Stagecoach melt faces at fifty paces with junk-pop juggernauts about pizzas, chess leagues, and Buffy. This plucky 5-piece from the Surrey Hills return this year with their new AA single, ‘Tony Hawk/Jonah Lomu’, released via This Is Fake DIY Records on May 30th. The first 50 of these singles will be served piping hot in exclusive pizza box packaging.

You may have already heard Stagecoach through your radio, championed by Huw Stephens who span previous single ‘Map To the Freezer’ exhaustively on both his Radio 1 shows, also naming the band as one of his introducing acts of the year. Failing that, perhaps you’ve heard them through your television set, featured in BBC One’s ‘Gavin and Stacey’ Christmas & New Year specials and season 2 of ‘Skins’, while the band’s tracks also feature on the international trailer for this year’s breakout British comedy ‘Killing Bono’.

Returning to the studio this year the band worked with producer James Kenosha (Pulled Apart By Horses, Dinosaur Pile-Up), crafting this superb AA side single. Speaking about about the two songs, frontman Luke Barham details what is represented through the sporting personalities Tony Hawk and Jonah Lomu;

“Sitting somewhere between The Replacements and Blur, Jonah Lomu is a song is about the school bully and that feeling of however old you get it seems they are always watching over you. Jonah Lomu seemed like a funny character to represent the bully in the song. I have zero interest or knowledge of Rugby but he’s just a such a character, almost cartoon like in appearance. On the other hand, Tony Hawk is a song about so many kids from privileged backgrounds automatically go to Uni without really giving a shit. It’s about a lack of respect for that opportunity and just getting stoned and playing Tony Hawk on the Playstation all day, “Maybe it’s not wrong if he repeats year 1?”

Having recently toured the country with indie heroes Johnny Foreigner and Glaswegian rockers Twin Atlantic, Stagecoach are all set to make a splash of their own in the coming year. With a UK tour set to be announced shortly, also look out for the band gracing a festival stage near you;
April 30th – Live at Leeds
May 12-14 – The Great Escape
July 9th – Southport Rocks
July 16th – 2000 Trees
July 29th – Kendal Calling
July 30th – Leopalooza Festival
July 31st – Nozstock Festival
August 6th – Y-Not Festival
September 17th – Southsea Festival
September 24th – Underground Festival



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