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Rock’n’roll punkabillies ‘Straight Razor Angels’ self-release their debut 10 track album on 6th December 2010, and continue with their onslaught of the UK.

It’s Rockabilly time! Straight Razor Angels spit out their sweat-drenched punk rock-n-roll, taking no prisoners and offering no apologies. This aint no X-factor audition, and it certainly isn’t for the White Rose generation. This band are the real thing. Straight Razor Angels are so fresh and raw, they are viral.

Drawing from an array of influences spanning from the likes of AC/DC and Motorhead, through to The Clash and Johnny Cash, Straight Razor Angels spit out tuneage that craftily tips its cap to rockabilly, rock-n-roll, and punk, while ensuring that the trio escape the narrow confines of pigeon-holing.

Having already toured throughout the UK supporting the likes of The Meteors, The Puppini Sisters, Sham 69, Vince Ray, UK Subs and The Cribs, as well as notching up national radio airplay on Total Rock Radio and rave reviews in Sandman and Big Cheese Magazine, the table is now set for SRA to serve up their full length self-titled debut album ‘Straight Razor Angels’. Featuring 10 slabs of loud, beefy, punk-fuelled rock ‘n’ roll, Straight Razor Angels have produced a record that is not only captivating and intriguing, but also rocks like a cluster of firecrackers in a flame-grilled furnace. Plug in and soak it up!



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