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Thank f*&% for Sweet Apple!

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Thank f*&% for Sweet Apple!

SWEET APPLE “love & desperation” RELEASED APRIL 19TH 2010 via TEE PEE RECORDS

At first glance, this rock ‘n’ roll quartet might seem like one of those “indie-rock supergroup” sideshows. Yes, J. Mascis (drums/guitar/vocals) plays in Dinosaur Jr. Tim Parnin (guitar) and John Petkovic (vocals/guitar) play in Cobra Verde. Dave Sweetapple (bass/vocals) plays in Witch. But Sweet Apple was born of a death — and a cross country drive. Totally by chance.

Following the death of Petkovic’s mother from a long and horrible illness, the guitarist found himself aimlessly driving eastwards, when 400 miles from his home in Cleveland he received a phone call from friend Dave Sweetapple.

In disbelief that his friend was driving around with no destination, Dave rounded up a bunch of mutual friends and before they knew it they had written 25 songs, which they later whittled down to the final 12 found on Love and Desperation.

Even weirder than how the album came together, is that many of the songs are upbeat – fun and mockingly funny, with loud, brash guitars. “Do You Remember” is a driving anthem. “I’ve Got a Feeling That Won’t Change” is wounded pop. “Flying Up a Mountain” is a nihilist singalong.

“I tell people that I saved John’s life by starting this band,” says Mascis. “But they don’t believe me.”



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