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This beautifully packaged hardback book style 3-CD collection, with bonus DVD, provides an alternative view of The Beautiful South’s entire career as recorded and broadcast by the BBC.

Disc One comprises a series of BBC sessions recorded over a period spanning 1989 to 2005.

Disc Two is a live set from King George’s Hall in Blackburn, recorded during the band’s 1992 spring tour of the UK just as their third album 0898 was released.

Disc Three brings together highlights of tours undertaken in the late 1990s, featuring live dates from London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire, Brighton Centre, London Forum and the Fleadh Festival.

Disc 4 is a bonus DVD made up of a selection of The Beautiful South’s many live appearances on BBC Television, mainly Later With Jools Holland on which they were invited to appear on no less than five separate occasions.

One of the UK’s finest bands, The Beautiful South enjoyed 19 hit singles and 8 Top Ten albums. Formed at the end of the 1980s by two former members of The Housemartins, Paul Heaton and Dave Hemingway, the duo were initially joined by Sean Welch (bass), Dave Stead (drums) and Dave Rotheray (guitar), all of whom stayed with the group for the duration of their career. Female vocalist, Briana Corrigan sang backing vocals on the band’s first album before becoming a full-time member in 1990 and thereafter featured on numerous tracks as lead vocalist. Also important to the band’s sound was studio keyboard player, Damon Butcher who played virtually all the piano and keyboard parts on their albums, despite never becoming an official member.

The Beautiful South Live at the BBC

Disc 1

You Keep It All In
Song For Whoever
I’ll Sail This Ship Alone
Mark Goodier Recorded 10/6/89

Good As Gold (Stupid As Mud)
You Keep It All
Everybody’s Talkin’
Simon Mayo Recorded 21/2/94

Let Love Speak For Itself
Especially For You
Old Red Eyes Is Back
Everybody’s Talkin’
Emma Freud 28/3/94

The Lure Of The Sea
Live session 2/12/98

You’re the One That I Want)
Perfect 10
Jonathan Ross 04/12/05

Give Me One Last Love Song

Disc 2

Old Red Eyes Is Back
From Under The Covers
When I’m 84
Bell-Bottomed Tear
I Think The Answer’s Yes
I’m Your Number One Fan
You Keep It All In
Let Love Speak Up Itself
A Little Time
Tonight I Fancy Myself
We Are Each Other
Song For Whoever
Woman In The Wall
You Should Be Dancing
Blackburn King Georges Hall show from 25.4.92.

Disc 3 – Live

I’ll Sail This Ship Alone Shepherds Bush Empire 2.3.97
Rotterdam Shepherds Bush Empire 2.3.97
Have Fun Brighton Centre 28.6.97
Blackbird On The Wire Brighton Centre 28.6.97
Liars Bar Brighton Centre 28.6.97
Look What I Found In My Beer London Forum 17.7.99
Pretenders To The Throne London Forum 17.7.99
Dumb London Forum 17.7.99
Big Coin London Forum 17.7.99
Everybody’s Talkin’ London Forum 17.7.99
The Lure Of The Sea London Forum 17.7.99
The Table London Forum 17.7.99
Perfect 10 London Forum 17.7.99
One Last Love Song London Forum 17.7.99
Good As Gold (Stupid As Mud) London Forum 17.7.99
Your Father And I London Forum 17.7.99
Java Fleadh Festival 5.3.97

Disc 4 DVD

Old Red Eyes is Back
Top of the Pops: 16/01/1992

Bell Bottomed Tear
We’ll Deal With You Later
The Late Show 25/03/1992

You Keep It All In
You Just Can’t Smile It Away
Let Love Speak Up Itself
Later With Jools Holland 03/12/1994

Don’t Marry Her
Blackbird on the Wire
Later With Jools Holland 16/11/1996

Perfect 10
Window Shopping for Blinds
Your Father & I
Later With Jools Holland 20/11/1998

Old Red Eyes Is Back
Songwriter’s Circle 30/07/1999

Closer Than Most
The River
You Can Call Me Leisure
Later With Jools Holland 18/11/2000

You’re the One That I Want
Later With Jools Holland 12/11/2004



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