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The Boy Who Trapped The Sun

June 28, 2010 by  

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The Boy Who Trapped The Sun

‘Katy’ the debut single released July 5th on Geffen. Debut album ‘Fireplace’ released July 12th

‘Katy’ is the debut single from The Boy Who Trapped The Sun. Probably the most upbeat song in The Boy’s arsenal, ‘Katy’ is an incredibly catchy paean to avoiding commitment.

‘Katy’ is taken from The Boy Who Trapped The Sun’s debut album, ’Fireplace’, released July 12th on Geffen. ‘Fireplace’ is a truly beautiful record, a set of songs that tackle the big universal themes of love and loss, of dreams and hopes with simple tools – a voice, a guitar, a piano, some strings and drums – but a clear desire to try and say something new.

The Boy Who Trapped The Sun is the alias of 25 year-old Colin MacLeod, originally from the Isle of Lewis, a windswept outcrop of Scotland’s Outer Hebrides (population 19,000, capital Stornoway). MacLeod now lives in south east London where he recorded ‘Fireplace’ with producer Julian Gallagher.


Preorder: http://www.recordstore.co.uk/productdetail.jsp?productPK=unittest-S8yxiVKWT3iDIt96qN3IEb-13



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