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The Cheek Of Her Returns With Brand New Single And Pledge Campaign

November 12, 2013 by  

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The Cheek Of Her Returns With Brand New Single And Pledge Campaign

Following the success with ‘Passionate S***’ and ‘Megaphonic’ EP’s, The Cheek Of Her has gained national airplay across the UK and Europe.

“I, The Cheek of Her have been willingly sucked up into the land of music and melody. It’s what drives me and brings me the biggest joy imaginable. I’m passionate about writing songs, and to be able to record and share those songs, snippets of my soul, with others and to be accepted, appreciated and understood through those songs, is what I live for. Dramatic as it sounds that’s my music mission. I’m totally in love.

You can help me live out my passion for writing and recording new original music by supporting me in my PledgeMusic Campaign for a new 12 track Album I am so excited to record called “Adult Angst Anonymous”. All Pledgers automatically receive the full album download once it is available too! Plus there are some exclusives that you can buy too such as a handwritten lyric sheet or an acoustic Skype performance! Please check them out on the right.

The money raised goes entirely into recording time, mixing and mastering of the whole album and 10% of the total raised I am giving to The Music Therapy Charity, which is the only UK charity dedicated solely to Music Therapy research, and is completely reliant on donations. I have gained so much from music, so to give something back to help others through it is just wonderful.
I have self-funded two EPs in the past three years, through a mix of friends and Musicians helping out on the recordings and then working with some great Producers alone, who just let me express myself and be as zany as I wanted to be! I have gained experienced, improved my songwriting, defined my sound, and have a full body of work around a concept of “Adult Angst” I really need your help to make a reality.”

The Pledge can be found here –
And the single can be downloaded here –

With the Pledge set to run until December 24th, Dooley is aligning herself with the quickly growing list of independent artists doing it there way whilst trying to give a little to causes massively deserving of such help. This campaign is about music; both its ability to inspire and its ability to heal. A message all lovers, and hopefully pledgers, will hear loud and clear.



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