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The Correspondents WHAT’S HAPPENED TO SOHO? EP

March 25, 2011 by  

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The Correspondents WHAT’S HAPPENED TO SOHO? EP

RELEASE DATE: 25.04.11
LIMITED edition CD and Digital Download on Freshly Squeezed Music
1. Ground Floor, 2. What’s Happened To Soho?, 3. Washington Square, 4. Bad Ragsaw Boogie, 5. Jive Man, 6. Basement

The Correspondents are a DJ and MC duo. They have had the some times dubious distinction of being named the one of the UK’s top unsigned bands and best live acts. Last year they played on the Saturday night Bestival main-stage to 25,000 people broadcast on Channel 4 TV. They featured on Rob da Banks BBC Radio 1 two-hour Electro Swing special. They have gigged up and down the UK almost every weekend for 3 years and have amassed a loyal following on Facebook, generating murmours in the popular press with feature articles from The Independent and The Telegraph already under their belts.

Despite all this, the band themselves remain resolutely ‘independent’ in spirit.

“What’s Happened To Soho?” is their debut official release. Its 6 tracks hint at many possible future directions. It refuses to give in to pressure to create a ‘typical’ electro-swing product (as one might expect of the genre which they helped define and from which they are the first break-out act). The EP is instead, a mini-concept in itself with a beginning, middle and end, which is intended to be listened to from start to finish and references numerous different genres along the way while settling on none.

They have creatively driven all aspects of this release from the music, to the artwork, to their videos to their presentation. It is in this spirit therefore that we will leave them to introduce themselves:

“Without meaning to we’ve ended up being slightly unconventional by gigging for 3 years while not getting round to releasing any music! Well here it is. Finally… We hope you enjoy this taster of our collective musical palette, from Swing to Hip Hop via Drum ‘n’ Bass and Electro with a drizzling of Boogie Woogie. We’ve tried to capture some of the energy of our live shows in some tracks, while others veer off on a queerer tangent. A couple are just lift music really. We are just ever so pleased to finally be able to show the world what Mr Bruce is actually yabbering on about on stage. And we hope you will be too.
Hugs & kisses, The Correspondents”



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