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The Posies: first album in 5 years, plus Euro tour!

July 29, 2010 by  

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The Posies: first album in 5 years, plus Euro tour!

One of the most distinctive and respected alternative-pop bands, The Posies, unite to unleash their long-awaited new album, Blood/Candy (Ryko), and launch their international tour on September 27, 2010.

Fresh off the Frosting On The Beater full-album shows and their work with Big Star, The Posies chart unforeseen territory on Blood/Candy while holding onto their well-known signature sound. The almost entirely self-produced record boasts melodic hooks, provocative lyrics, and intricate layers of instrumentation that blend far-out, spacey sounds with sophisticated hues. The bulk of the album was recorded and mixed in Spain and their hometown of Seattle, with stops in Ecuador, Canada, Paris and Los Angeles.

“After the eclecticism of our last album, we thought it would be a good idea to make a kind of classic, back to our roots album, guitar pop with lots of harmonies, etc. We didn’t end up doing that–however, what stands in place of that, is an album even more adventurous, more playful, and more heartfelt than I think we’ve ever done. If I had to pick one album for us to be remembered by and delete all the others, no doubt that I would choose this one,” says co-founder Ken Stringfellow.

Jon Auer, also original co-founder, adds, “With Blood/Candy, We definitely sound like us, but some of these songs are completely from an alternate Posies universe. We subscribe to the “evolve or perish” philosophy. We directed ourselves to new places with this recording and tried not to travel down familiar paths when it could be avoided. Expect the unexpected.”

Since the band’s inception in the late 80s in Seattle, The Posies − known for their cross-pollination of pop and rock − have maintained a consistent career throughout the years. Noted for hits like “Golden Blunders”, recorded by Ringo Starr in 1992, along with “Dream All Day”, “Solar Sister” and “Flavor of the Month” from their pivotal release Frosting On The Beater, the group has developed a massive cult following and critical acclaim.

The Posies will tour extensively this fall. The Europe tour schedule is below, and U.S. dates will be announced soon.

Blood/Candy Tracklist:
Plastic Paperbacks
The Glitter Prize
Licenses To Hide
So Caroline
Take Care Of Yourself
Cleopatra Street
For The Ashes
Accidental Architecture
She’s Coming Down Again!
Notion 99
Holiday Hours

European Tour Dates
Sept. 28, Sala Stereo (Murcia, Spain)
Sept. 30, Heineken (Madrid, Spain)
Oct. 1,Wah Wah (Valencia, Spain)
Oct. 2, Apolo 2 (Barcelona, Spain)
Oct. 4, Divan du Monde (Paris, France)
Oct. 5, Garage (London, UK)
Oct. 6, Trix (Antwerp, Belgium)
Oct. 7, Botanique Orangerie (Brussels, Belgium)
Oct. 8, Kazerne Fonck (Liege, Belgium)
Oct. 9,Melkweg Sugar Factory (Amsterdam, Holland)
Oct. 10, Vera (Groningen, Holland)
Oct. 12, Tivoli de Helling, (Utrecht, Holland)
Oct. 13, Gleis 22 (Munster, Germany)
Oct. 14, Comet Club (Berlin, Germany)
Oct. 15, Silber Club (Hamburg, Germany)
Oct. 17, Inkonst (Malmo, Sweden)
Oct. 19, Debaser Slussen (Stockholm, Sweden)
Oct. 20, Sticky Fingers (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Oct. 21, John Dee (Oslo, Norway)
Oct. 22, Kvarteret (Bergen, Norway)
Oct. 23, Blaest (Trondheim, Norway)
Oct. 25, Tavastia (Helsinki, Finland)
Oct. 26, Klubi (Turku, Finland)



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