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The River Kids side-project

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The River Kids side-project

The River Kids is a side-project from Welsh folk/blues singer-songwriter Pete Lawrie and Tennessee’s Lauren Pritchard. It’s all about a shared love for hip hop and finds the duo covering a selection of their favourite tracks.

You can check out their first effort – a cover of ‘The Seed 2.0’ by The Roots – here:

Here’s what Pete Lawrie has to say about the project…

“At the beginning of a Neil Young documentary called ‘Don’t Be Denied’ Young says simply and unashamedly ,”I only care about the music”. Now i’m not comparing a quote that sums up the erratic and ever changing career of one of our most treasured songsmiths to the fact that Lauren Pritchard and I are recording some Hip Hop covers. I’m not. All i’m saying is that all that matters is the music. Not the genre, not even the musicians. It just has to have soul and the right intention.

“We started the River Kids because we love Hip Hop truly and dearly. Lauren was 10 years old when grounded for overplaying Eminem. Jay Z is hero of mine. Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Jay Z. My favourite lyricists. Eminem, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young. Lauren’s favourite lyricists. Aside from all of that. It is fun to sing songs that were never intended for us. Songs that we love.”

For more information and to check out tracks as Lauren and Pete record them visit here:

Pete Lawrie releases his new EP ‘All That We Keep’ on 19th July via Field/ Island Records.

Paperthin Music Video from Hettie Griffiths on Vimeo.



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