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The Temper Trap: ‘Resurrection’ (Penguin Prison RMX) Free Download

October 6, 2010 by  

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The Temper Trap: ‘Resurrection’ (Penguin Prison RMX) Free Download

Ahead of the release of remix album ‘Conditions Remixed’, The Temper Trap are pleased to announce the release of another exclusive track of the album out next month. Resurrection (Penguin Prison) remix is free to download by clicking on the following link.

With a little help from friends (Sister Bliss & Rollo from Faithless, Hervé, Rusko and Fool’s Gold to name a few!) The Temper Trap have taken their Gold-selling debut album and put a new spin on it.

‘Conditions Remixed’ will be released on November 1st and features classics, exclusive and hard-to-find remixes of each track on the debut record. To pre-order your copy of Conditions Remixed please click here –

The Temper Trap will release Conditions – Remixed on 1 November via Infectious Music. The 10-track LP will be available in download, CD and limited edition vinyl formats, each bolstered with additional exclusive mixes.

Featuring classic, exclusive and hard-to-find remixes by the likes of Sister Bliss & Rollo from Faithless, Hervé, RUSKO and Fool’s Gold, the album is the Temper Trap’s debut long-player reworked and filtered through the band’s personal playlists.

The full tracklisting for Conditions – Remixed is:
1. Love Lost (Sister Bliss and Rollo Mix)
2. Rest (Three Trapped Tigers Remix)
3. Sweet Disposition (Alan Wilkis Mix)
4. Down River (Fool’s Gold Remix)
5. Soldier On (RUSKO’s F’kin Seagull Remix)
6. Fader (Adam Freeland Remix)
7. Fools (Peter, Bjorn & John Hortlax Cobra Remix)
8. Resurrection (Penguin Prison Remix)
9. Science of Fear (The Count (aka Hervé) ‘Medusa’ Remix)
10. Drum Song (BretonLabs Remix featuring Kate Tempest)

The Temper Trap are currently writing and recording material for their second album in London. Following a one-off MTV show with Arcade Fire in Spain, they head across the Atlantic for headline shows in the US and a prestigious three-date support slot with The Pixies in Mexico, before returning to Australia to end a second whirlwind year on their homeland festival circuit. In between, the Melbourne four-piece play a string of dates in the UK and Ireland in late October:

30 October Belfast, Ulster Hall 0818 719 300 /
31 October Dublin, Tripod 0818 719 300 /
1 November Dublin, Tripod 0818 719 300 /
2 November London, Indigo2 special performance in association with Best Buy

Conditions was released in the UK in August 2009 as the first album on the resurrected Infectious Music. Featuring the singles Science of Fear, Fader, Love Lost and Sweet Disposition – the latter of which spent more than six months in the UK singles chart – the album was one of the breakthrough successes of the year and has now been certified Gold, selling over 200,000 copies. //

Temper Trap – Conditions Remixed. Straight from the remixers’ mouths…

Lewis Pesacov (Fools Gold):
“When thinking about remixing this track (Down River), I was first struck by the vocal melody, it has this chant-like quality that seemed like it totally wanted to sit atop a stuttering half time Lil’ Wayne style beat. Once i got that going I was excited for my old homie DJ Empty to come in and chop it up a bit. I put some delay on his turntables and it was suddenly just so epic- like DJing from way up on a mountaintop!”

Hervé: “I think the lyrics (of Science of Fear) triggered the desire to do the mix in this style, they had this urgent building energy to them that really needed a heavy pay off as they wound up and up until breaking point. I love working with good vocals and these where fantastic. It’s the only remix I have played every single gig since I made and it still goes off every time!”

“When I listen to The Temper Trap it reminds me of seagulls and 90s G-funk West Coast hip-hop, so I just put the two together (for the remix of Soldier On).”

John Ericsson (Peter, Bjorn & John): “The first time I heard The Temper Trap was in the middle of the night in a hotel room. We were on tour and I was trying to beat some jetlag by watching TV. I can’t remember if we were in Brussles or in Las Vegas (probably Brussels) but I remember that I liked the song. A couple of month later I heard that a friend of a friend was making a video for the band. My friend showed it to me on his computer once and I think that the video ended like one of the last scenes of my favourite movie “Die Hard”. When Peter Bjorn & John were asked to do a remix of one of the band’s new songs it felt like I should give it a shot. It´s quite hard to do a remix as a band but once in a while PB&J have done it together, sometimes me and Bjorn have done it (the Depeche Mode Remix) and sometimes it´s either Bjorn or me. The remix is made with inspiration from the title “Fools”. Nothing is programmed and all the drums and added instruments are played by shaky human hands. Everything is a little bit shivering and rocky and many of the sounds are almost broken. I imagined the song being performed by the mentally insane patients in the movie “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” and then organized and produced by Jack Nicholson’s character. My own musical alter ego “Hortlax Cobra” is also a bit insane which is a good state of mind to be in when you are trying to make a remix, or any kind of music when I think about it.”

BretonLabs: “Some of the percussion (in the remix of Drum Song) is taken from industrial piping being hit with metal bars. The original parts/stems have so many amazing noises and scratchy guitar sounds that we really liked (especially Lorenzo Sillitto’s guitar part) most of which are mixed quite low on original version, so we wanted to highlight them. The remix features 5 different synths and the whole track was played in the corner of a huge room, and then samples were taken from this recording and put back into the original, to degrade the sounds even more.”



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