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The Waves of Fury: ‘Blood In Fury EP’

July 12, 2011 by  

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The Waves of Fury: ‘Blood In Fury EP’

The Waves of Fury came together in 2010 under the direction of lead singer Carter Sharp seeking a new ‘dark, raw, heavy sound’, Brand new, yet plucked from the past. The Waves of Fury is a marriage of Rock and Roll and vintage Motown, think heavy/metal Strokes meets Marvin Gaye in the modern era.

Carter began his musical journey in South London trotting along the generic path that most young musicians do. Far from generic, and tormented by creative complexity (and pharmaceuticals), he went on sabbatical in the American South to get back to writing songs and his roots as a musician. The history, folklore, superstition, blues, and brass of America bled into his writing and burns through on The Waves of Fury’s debut EP ‘Blood in Fury’.

Guitarist, Hove, bassist and pianist, Jamie Bird, and drummer, Adam Smith are the backbone of The Waves of Fury’s dynamic sound. As the band roars, Carter’s lyrics paint a dark and ironic caricature of American novelist William S Burrough’s big issues: obsession, sex, love, vampires, murderous children and being buried alive by spurned valentines – getting the picture? The subject matter is twisted on surface but presented in a catchy tune in the spirit of Pulp Fiction. Their tales are told from a third person perspective of almost cartoonish scenes and characters to present familiar themes of love and loss, with a deranged gothic spin.



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