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THE WOMBLES re-release FIVE albums. (Yes, you read that right….!)

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THE WOMBLES re-release FIVE albums.  (Yes, you read that right….!)

Debut Glastonbury performance Sunday June 26th 2011

The original furry eco-warriors from Wimbledon Common are back with an abundance of album releases and their debut appearance at Glastonbury. All four of their gold-achieving albums plus the soundtrack to the 1977 film ‘Wombling Free’ will be released by Dramatico Records on June 20th prior to their peformance on the Avalon Stage at Glastonbury on June 26th.

‘Wombling Songs’
‘Remember You’re A Womble’
‘Keep On Wombling’
‘Super Wombling’
‘Wombling Free’ – the Original Soundtrack

Be prepared to (re)capture the innocence of youth with this unparalleled collection of immaculate pop on which The Wombles’ perform an eclectic range of music including blues, country, folk, barbershop harmonies, glam rock, military brass and classical.

Starting from a single song, ‘The Wombling Song’ written by Mike Batt for the TV series, The Wombles pop group became a phenomenon in pop history. In 1975 The Wombles received the Music Week magazine award for the “best selling singles group” beating Slade, The Bay City Rollers and many other chart favourites of the time. In total, The Wombles have had 8 Top 30 hits in the UK and 1 top 50 hit in the USA.

The band, who regularly appeared on Top of the Pops wearing costumes made by Batt’s mother Elaine, now reunite for what promises to be a highlight of this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

Band members:
Orinoco – lead vocals and sax
Wellington – lead guitar
Madame Cholet – bass guitar
Bungo – drums
Great Uncle Bulgaria – violin & percussion

The Wombles Albums Tracklisting:
‘Wombling Songs’
The Wombling Song (TV-Version)
Wombles Everywhere
Exercise Is Good For You (Laziness Is Not)
The Wombles’ Warning
Dreaming In The Sun
Madame Cholet
Great Uncle Bulgaria’s March
Wellington Womble
Bungo’s Birthday
The Wombling Song (Full Version)

‘Remember You’re A Womble’
Remember You’re A Womble
Minuetto Allegretto
Wombling Summer Party
Wombling In The Rain
Womble Burrow Boogie
Wellington Goes To Waterloo
The Return Of Cousin Yellowstone
The Womble Square Dance
Wimbledon Sunset
Banana Rock

‘Keep On Wombling’
Womble Of The Universe
The Orinoco Kid
The Jungle Is Jumping
Underground Overture
The Hall Of The Mountain Womble
Look Out For The Giant
The Wombling Twist
Tobermory’s Music Machine
Wipe Those Womble Tears From Your Eyes
Invitation To The Ping-Pong-Ball
Wombling Merry Christmas

The Womble Shuffle
The Myths And Legends Of King Merton Womble And His Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
Down At The Barber Shop (Singing In Harmony)
The Empty Tidy-Bag-Blues
Wombling White Tie And Tails
Miss Adelaide (She’s Got A Lot Of Knowledge)
Wombles On Parade
To Wimbledon With Love
Nashville Wombles

‘Wombling Free’
The Wombling Song
The Creation Of The World
Edinburgh Rock
Minuetto Allegretto
The Womble Burrow
Wombling White Tie And Tails
Under The Hill And Not Far Away
Magic Cricket
The March Of The Machine
Exercise Is Good For You
The Underground Garden
Count Down And Lift-Off
Womble Of The Universe
The Queen



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