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WE ARE THE IN CROWD : Twitter video!

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WE ARE THE IN CROWD : Twitter video!

WE ARE THE IN CROWD release the Twitter feed based video for ‘Both Sides Of The Story’!

Formed in 2009 and signed by Hopeless Records (All Time Low, Yellowcard) shortly after, this is a band that had all their dominoes poised and ready to fall in their favor in quick succession. Armed with an irresistible combo of male and female vocals, the handful of vibrant songs the group have released are only tastes of what’s on the horizon.
Originally a studio project between Tay Jardine (vocals) and Jordan Eckes (guitar/vocals) and Mike Ferri (bass) there was an obvious chemistry that they felt could be better translated through a full-band sound. When Rob Chianelli and Cameron Hurley joined on drums and guitar, respectively, the Poughkeepsie, NY, natives found their niche in the sort of straightforward, brutally honest pop songs that only those in the throes of young adulthood could convey. Whether it’s a feeling of being tongue-tied, or heartbroken, or betrayed, each emotion earns a new life through the words and music of this quintet.

The dual vocalists express a give-and-take that feels like an eavesdropped conversation with a dash of battle of the sexes, before joining in choruses of mutual understanding. As evidenced by debut US single ‘For The Win’, Jardine describes the vocal volleyball as the secret to getting their views across. “With two vocalists, we think it’s a great way to illustrate two opinions because you can clearly hear the difference between our voices. We based a lot of the songs around the idea of having two opinions to every situation.”
Though ‘For The Win’ is a worthy indication of what is to come on the band’s forthcoming October seven-song EP,‘Guaranteed To Disagree’, it’s not the only trick the band has up its sleeve. Expect more up-tempo pop-rock, with alternating bittersweet/biting lyrics and unflappable, summery melodies that will leave you with a bit of nostalgia. Of the EP, which was recorded with producers Kenneth Mount and Zach Odom, Jardine says the connection they felt in the studio translated to the record. “We want everyone to be blasting it in their cars with the windows down this summer! I’m really proud of the way it came out.”

The band’s already-popular stance has grown rapidly on the heels of the EP’s release stateside (in June), having showcased on the summer stages of Warped Tour for the full run. We Are The In Crowd are refreshingly honest about their speedy formation and rise, and know that there is still much to absorb in their new world. “As cliché as it sounds, our goal is to continue to learn about the industry we’re in and become the best we can be,” Jardine said. “We are young in this business that’s constantly changing, and we’re growing and learning with it. It’s hard to believe we started a year ago; it feels like every day is the beginning of our career.”



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