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How To Get Free Backstage Passes

Win tickets for Reading/Leeds, Hard Rock Calling, Lovebox and Bestival!

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Win tickets for Reading/Leeds, Hard Rock Calling, Lovebox and Bestival!

The Tuborg Big Ears film is a ‘scientific experiment’ presented by passionate ear scientist and awkward tv presenter, Dr Van Winkleton from his special ear laboratory. Keep a look out for past experiments and ear paraphernalia around the library. He has been experimenting with Stan, a very old man who has ridiculously large ears. The Dr explains that this is because your ears never stop growing your whole adult life – this is true!

Dr Van Winkleton then demonstrates that its Stan’s big ears that make him the champion of Tuborg’s Beat The Intro because they pick up sound faster than smaller ears. Dr Van Winkleton tests this theory on Stan with a game of Tuborg’s Beat The Intro. Stan reels off the name of modern pop songs almost instantly.

Tuborg Big Ears is a film to promote Tuborg’s online brand game – Tuborg Beat The Intro (BTI). Players have to guess what the song is from a 10 second intro. To score highly, you have to guess the intro correctly in as faster time as possible. There is the chance to win prizes on the Tuborg website for the highest scorers.

At the end of the game, Dr Van Winkleton provides a url that viewers can visit to win tickets to Hard Rock Calling, Lovebox Weekender, Leeds/Reading and Bestival. To enter, people have to answer a simple question relating to the film. All the competitions will start on the 16th June. The closing dates for each competition are below:

Hard Rock Calling – midnight on the 21st June
Lovebox) – midnight 13th July
Leeds/Reading – midnight – midnight 23rd August
Bestival – midnight 5th September

As part of this campaign, there will also be a promotion running on Spotify where users can play against Stan for the chance to win more festival tickets.



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