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Witchery post another new song from the upcoming “Witchkrieg” album

June 21, 2010 by  

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Witchery post another new song from the upcoming “Witchkrieg” album

WITCHERY are proud to present another new track of the upcoming album “Witchkrieg” that will be released by Century Media Records June 21st, 2010 in Europe and June 29th, 2010 in North America. “From Dead To Worse” featuring a guestsolo from Andy LaRoque of King Diamond fame can be heard on the band’s MySpace site Guitarist Jensen: “Andy was an old friend of the band since he recorded the Witchburner EP (back in 1999). I think all musicians would at some point like to play with other musicians that they respect. Like with jazz, the constellations of musicians are always changing, but with metal its a lot more rigid. Having people do guestsolos is the closest way of collaborating in metal.” Other guest guitarists on the album are Gary Holt & Lee Altus (Exodus), Hank Shermann (Mercyful Fate, Demonica) Jim Durkin (Dark Angel) and Kerry King.

Fans in Sweden and all of those who like to travel can see WITCHERY on the Metaltown Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden June 19th, 2010. The festival billing also includes their Century Media label mates Finntroll, Dream Evil and Dark Tranquillity.

This is a rare chance to see WITCHERY in their full line-up including Jensen (The Haunted), Sharlee D’Angelo (Arch Enemy, Spiritual Beggars), Rickard Rimfält (Séance), Martin Axe (Opeth, Bloodbath) and new vocalist Legion (ex-Marduk, ex-Devian) – but don’t call it an all-star project, as Jensen said: “We are a reluctant ‘all star’ group. I was part of forming Witchery before I formed The Haunted. Sharlee was in Witchery before he joined Arch Enemy and Martin was of course in Witchery before joining Opeth… We have always seen Witchery as our band and not a project. Its not our ‘fault’ that our other bands have been so successful, haha, but we would like to find more time over to do Witchery things than we actually do.”




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