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z.electric Live Dates

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z.electric Live Dates

Bang! And they’re back.

The z.electric show brings together ditigal synth/tech jiggery pokery with live guitars, twin boss-clarinets (aka sexyphones) the high soaring tones of the flute and vocals by her Hotness Jasmine Bee and other support vocalists Karin Hedberg and Nancy Bouvier.

South Bank – z.electric featuring Jasmine Bee – demo by z.electric

The internationally mish-mashed full band lineup is:

Synths/beats/basslines and the egg shaker: Phill Smith (NZ)
Guitar and Saxophone: Ed Cubitt (UK)
Saxophone and Flute: Mel Borsack (NZ)
Vocals: Jasmine Bee (UK)
Vocals: Karin Hedbger (Sweden)
Vocals: Nancy Bouvier (Germany)

Growing From strength to strength Z.Electric are proud to announce the following live dates:
• Penny Chew presents on Thursday June 2nd at Venue 229 (Marylebone)
• Bugbear presents on Friday July 1st at “Blueprint” – The London School of Arts Student Bar (Holborn)
• Paris is Burning on Saturday July 9th at The Lexington (Angel)
• Live at “Spice of Life Soho” on Friday August 12th at Spice of Life (Soho)



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