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Aaron’s Agony – Lost Inside Myself

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Aaron’s Agony – Lost Inside Myself

NAME: Aaron’s Agony
ALBUM: Lost Inside Myself
DATE: 7March2011

LABEL: Antstreet Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Hardcore? Metal? Punk? Electronica? Dabatable.

LOCATION: Savona, Italy

LINE UP: Dié (vocals), Gabry (drums), Max (guitar), John (guitars/vox), Zack (bass)


WHAT’S THE STORY?: From a quaint seaside town called Savona in Northern Italy, Aaron’s Agony silence any preconceptions their name may inspire with a brutal blend of hardcore, metal and occasional electronica.

Their variance in sound is achieved not only through instrumentation, but also from the use of their three vocalists: Zack, Gionata and Eros – or “Dié” to all of his friends – who collectively provide sounds ranging from a gravelly bellow to an emo wail.

Hailed for their ‘super-charged riffs’, the guitars, whilst intermittently galvanising the record on tracks such as ‘A Second Chance’ and ‘Voices From The Inside Call For Valkyria’, fail to blend seamlessly, frequently feeling languid and disjointed. The chugging centrepiece on first track ‘Chapter 1’ remains aimless and hollow; whilst the discordant riff heard after the 3:30 mark on ‘Acts Est Fabula’ does nothing except provoke an uneasy grimace from the listener.

It is rather the subtle side produced by Aaron’s Agony that provides promise. Through the delicate introduction of ‘We Are Back’ to the reposed interlude of ‘Aurorean’, the band have grasped the subtle dynamic with much more prowess than their vicious counterpart. The glimmering harmonies presented on ‘Is It The Real Beginnin’?’ is testament to some of the promising ingredients they have chucked into the AA melting pot. They just have to find a method of fusing so many flavours successfully.

SOUNDS LIKE: Story of the Year, Funeral For a Friend, A Day To Remember

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You’ve got an eclectic taste, and you like that taste rammed all into one album


Submitted By Matt Goodwin



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