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Above the Underground – The Fight We Won

April 5, 2011 by  

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Above the Underground – The Fight We Won

NAME: Above the Underground
EP: The Fight We Won
DATE: 24January2011

LABEL: Unsigned


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Same swill different fashion style


LINE UP: Wil Kirkman – Vocals/ Guitar, Al Kirkman – Guitar/Vocals, Nick Barlow – Bass/Vocals, Joey Everson – Synth/Keys, Brandon Icely – Drums

Above The Underground.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Five piece from Chester decide to show off the war wounds they earnt in that epic scuffle outside Tesco’s car park with their E.P ‘The Fight We Won’.

SOUNDS LIKE: The Fight We Won starts off pretty promising, with an eerie electro intro track, feels pretty meaty, especially with the tiny bit of glitch it has going on. Then some very familiar riffs take up – the sort pop punk has been stringing us along with since 1999 – it’s thundery and doesn’t seem to vary much. Then the vocals kick in and you instinctively reach for the ear-plugs.

So. Damn. Whiny.

It’s like everybody’s intentionally singing through their noses. This may have worked for some – *Tom Delonge and Brian Molko stop whispering at the back of the classroom* – but mostly makes you appear as if you can’t express angst without sounding like a grounded thirteen year old. Except, of course, when the droning is broken up by some gruff, roary breakdowns, like a half hearted tribute to Slipknot. What… what is this? What does it mean? That we’re all ready for a ruck, but we want to be back before our parents find out and confiscate our Ipods? Ludicrous.

Which is actually a shame because they’ve got some nice anthem-like work going on with their synths. Particularly on ‘The Fight We Won’ which starts with some banging eighties throw-back work that makes you think you’re about to help Haggar finally put the last nail in the Mad Gear Gang, but they can’t maintain the illusion and the track eventually collapses under its own clichés into the morass of self-same soup that proceeded it.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you’re all about the plugs and sagging fringes.

LINK: http://www.myspace.com/abovetheundergroundmusic

Submitted By Andrew Gregory



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