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Absent Elk – Let Me Know

July 28, 2010 by  

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Absent Elk – Let Me Know

NAME: Absent Elk
SINGLE: Let Me Know
DATE: 12September2010

LABEL: Amazon Records Ltd


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Great effort fails to light

LOCATION: Brighton, England

LINE UP: Kjetil Morland (Vocals/Acoustic guitar), Ric Wilson (Drums/Backing Vocals), James Penhallow (Bass), Ross Martin (Guitar/Keys) and Mike Hillman (Guitar/Backing Vocals)

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Intriguing English/Norwegian quintet currently lurking in Brighton release a fresh single from their debut album, Caught in the Headlights.

SOUNDS LIKE: Absent Elk lead in with a promising if understated sound somewhat reminiscent of an upbeat Travis, gloomy, brooding, but with a hint of promise. There’s a perpetual sense that there’s something welling up behind the scenes waiting to be released, until erupting into a bouncy, upbeat carnival of a finale. Except it’s not quite as cathartic as it could be. After such a long build up there was an option for the band to really let themselves go on the finale, but they seem to hold back, as if slightly embarrassed of making too much of a scene. It’s a shame, as a slightly larger payoff would really have tipped this into top tier territory.

On the other hand, the release also includes an instrumental version of the Radio edit (always a sign of proper class). The lighter string elements and tambourine are sweeter and much more appreciable without the vocal distraction, offering pleasing and favourable comparisons to the mighty God Speed You! Black Emperor. If only they punched just a little more energy into the crescendo…

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You’ve ever stood on a pier, eating candy floss in the drizzle and not minded when a seagull swooped down and pinched it.


Submitted By Andrew Gregory



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