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Aeroplane – We Can’t Fly

July 27, 2010 by  

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Aeroplane – We Can’t Fly

NAME: Aeroplane
SINGLE: We Can’t Fly
DATE: 7May2010

LABEL: Eskimo Recordings


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Well, at least they tried.

LOCATION: Brussels

LINE UP: Stephen Fasano and Vito Deluca

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Aeroplane are a well known DJ duo who have built up a cult following online thanks to their shiny-happy remixes of some of the best music of the past few years. Everything they can lay their cheery little hands on is transformed into a summery Euro-pop medley, worthy of many a night out in Ibiza. Their Myspace page explains that the guys ‘reach for freedom from constraints of predictability, weaving currents of psychedelic guitars, pop keys, disco beats, catchy basslines and melancholic waves into a singular connection of modern beat- driven music.’

Steady on there chaps, that’s a bit of a lofty promise. But its one that Aeroplane valliantly uphold on their impressive back catalogue of remixes.

‘We Can’t Fly,’ a rare foray into original music from their forthcoming debut album doen’t quite live up to this. Not to say it isn’t catchy – your head will bop along uncontrollably, much to your irritation. For all the ‘reaching for freedom from constraints’ that is apparently going on here, Aeroplane manage to create something extremely familiar. Despite its jaunty little rhythm, ‘We Can’t Fly’ sounds instantly dated by utilizing the most dreaded of 90s dance vocals. You know the ones; the brassy soul singer overdubbed within an inch of her life… Listening closely, you can almost envision her swaying listlessly along, miming in a ‘live’ Top of the Pops performance back in ’92 while the DJs try unconvincingly to imitate playing their unplugged synthesizers.

If the thought of this sends a shiver down your spine, steer well clear of this track and check out Aeroplane’s remixes instead.

The single comes replete with an ‘extended drums mix’ -essentially the same song with the added horror of a truly unnerving child’s voice at the beginning. (That shiver should be getting worse right about now.)

All in all, it’s a shame that Aeroplane let these hideous vocals on ‘We Can’t Fly.’ Without them the song would be a perfectly inoffensive slice of light dance nostalgia, even the predicatable use of piano chords would be forgiven. Sadly, it was not to be.

SOUNDS LIKE: a pleasant enough 90s flashback with some pretty grating vocals.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You get so wasted in Ibiza you can’t really hear whats playing, but carry on dancing anyway.


Submitted By Nadia



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