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After The Ordeal – Debut EP

June 28, 2010 by  

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After The Ordeal – Debut EP

NAME: After The Ordeal
EP: Debut EP
DATE: 12July2010

LABEL: Cover Up Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Gravesenders turn in promising EP

LOCATION: Gravesend, UK

LINE UP: Peter Herbert (Bass) Rhys May (Guitar) Gary James Broughton (Lead Vocals) Shane Carlin (Guitar) Jack Herbert (Drums)

WHAT’S THE STORY?: The Debut EP from After the Ordeal carries all the youthful charge to be expected of a five piece in their early 20s. The subject matter at times is pretty dark covering themes such as the end, the other side and journeying into the darkness. What seperates them from alot of other rock bands at the moment though, is their work appears to have an unspoken depth to it.
Opener ‘With a pinch of salt part 1’ is poignant and almost melodic for three quarters of its two and a bit minutes, before giving us a taste of whats to come.
Lead vocalist Gary James Broughton’s soaring vocals fit well into the at-times heavy sound employed by ‘After…’. Luckily the screaming is kept to a minimum with only ‘I believe in you’ losing it towards the end. Each song here has an excellent flow to it, and you can almost imagine it being sung with gusto on a big stage sometime soon. Lets hope so anyway…

SOUNDS LIKE: Lostprophets at their heaviest also My Chemical Romance’s last effort.

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