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After The Ordeal – The End Never Comes

January 29, 2010 by  

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After The Ordeal – The End Never Comes

NAME: After The Ordeal
SINGLE: The End Never Comes
YEAR: March 1st 2010
LABEL: Cover Up Records

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Young emo noise is patchy

LOCATION: Gravesend, England

LINE UP: Rhys May – Guitar, Jack Herbert – Drums, Shane Carlin – Guitar, Peter Herbert – Bass, Gary Broughton – Vocals

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Winners of the ‘Red Bull Jam’ competition, young upstarts After the Ordeal attempt to break into the post-hardcore scene, but have they got enough material?

SOUNDS LIKE: First things first: this band has energy, they have drive, they are tight as a nut and they are powerful. But where’s the songs? This EP plays like a number of styles and stereotypes from the huge post-hardcore/emo movement of the last decade where music like this would be whined to a sea of haircuts at sweaty basement gigs across the country. It’s all just being played over and over again and it’s starting to become very tiresome. Shame really, because as I mentioned at the beginning they have a big, powerful sound, but that is delivered through a weak, copy cat mentality to writing modern metal music.

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LINKS: Official Website // MySpace

– Ian Gullon



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