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Amplifier – The Octopus

January 31, 2011 by  

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Amplifier – The Octopus

NAME: Amplifier
ALBUM: The Octopus
DATE: 31January2011

LABEL: Ampcorp


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Two hour epic; great success.

LOCATION: Manchester, UK

LINE UP: Sel Balamir (Guitar and Vocals), Neil Mahony (Bass), Matt Brobin (Drums)


WHAT’S THE STORY?: After the release of their second album ‘Insider’ back in 2006, this Manchester Trio return with their highly anticipated third album ‘The Octopus’. They have earned plaudits from some of the UK’s top music critics for their past efforts and don’t disappoint with their most recent effort.

Released as a two-disc format, disc one takes us on a roller coaster ride of heavy rock and mellow accomplishments. ‘Planet of Insects’ highlights how a man and his guitar can take a song from ‘good’ to ‘great’. As well as this, Balamir’s vocals are stronger than ever, being put to the test on ‘The Wave’ more than any other track, over the top of that stinging guitar we’ve already familiarised ourselves with. Each track on this first disc also delivers that haunting aspect that Amplifier know they can do so brilliantly and it’s done to great effect here.

The second disc stays loyal to the first, in that the riffs are still there, the drumming is second to none and Mahony’s bass keeps us drawn in throughout. No more so does Balamir highlight a fine example of a guitar riff than on ‘Interstellar’. It takes about three minutes for this massive riff to kick in, but it’s totally worth the wait as you can easily envisage all three members giving it their absolute all recording this song. It’s so big and is arguably the best track on the album. ‘Bloodtest’ and ‘Oscar Night//Embryo’ slow things down in terms of tempo before the trio kick back into gear for the album’s final track, ‘Forever and More’. Brobin makes this song his own and the band know they’ve done well as the music fades out and their two hour masterpiece is complete.

This is a band who know what they’re doing. This record is one that everyone knew they were capable of making but maybe didn’t expected just three albums in. But they’ve taken their time about it and treated us to a superb album, which deserves all the praise it is sure to get.

SOUNDS LIKE: A band making music that they know how to do in style. Echoing and sharp guitar riffs, insane drumbeats and steady yet massive bass lines. Basically, it sounds like a top band at their finest. Brilliant.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You want to hear Alt Rock at its definitive best.


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