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Andy Lucas – Weekend Millionaire

August 29, 2010 by  

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Andy Lucas – Weekend Millionaire

NAME: Andy Lucas
ALBUM: Weekend Millionaire
DATE: 25September2010

LABEL: Crimp Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Revenge of the jazzy geeks.


LINE UP: Andy Lucas (Vocals, Piano) , Jamie Duffin (Drums Live) , Jonny Macadam (Bass Live)


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Title track ‘Weekend Millionaire’ is a deft piece of story telling that Billy Joel would happily give a thumbs up to, and with a piano arrangement as rich as the lyricism its a sure fire hit. Despite tracks like this the album lacks momentum, a problem that could be solved by a re-jigging of the track listing and a boost to the confidence of Andy Lucas, who, as a long time session musician seems to lack faith in his abilities as a front man.

SOUNDS LIKE: A competent song writer, talented pianist and a man held back only by his lack of self-belief.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You like The Neil Cowley Trio and other such jazzy instrumental fun, but you fancy a few lyrics thrown into the mix.


Submitted By Ruth_Franciszka_Wallbank



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