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Architects – The Here And Now

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Architects – The Here And Now

NAME: Architects
ALBUM: The Here And Now
DATE: 19January2011

LABEL: Century Media Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Brighton favourites reinvent themselves victoriously.

LOCATION: Brighton, England.

LINE UP: Sam Carter – lead vocals Alex “Ali Dino” Dean – bass guitar Tim Hillier-Brook – guitars Dan Searle – drums Tom Searle – guitars


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Hollow Crown’ transformed Architects from under-appreciated technical metal wizards to underground heroes with just 12 tracks of metalcore mastery. Since its 2008 release, the band have seen their following expand to astonishing proportions, highlighted definitively with their sold out show at London’s Koko venue last September. With this in mind, it would be simply for the Brighton riff merchants to simply rehash their previous musical formulas, but instead, they’ve reinvented themselves yet again.

Album opener ‘Day In Day Out’ sees the band experiment with a new sound that is reminiscent of bands such as Alexisonfire and Underoath. Vocalist Sam Carter’s trademark screams are still present, though there is an explicit focus on clean vocals, which was only seen infrequently on previous releases. It will leave certain Architects purists poised with flaming torches, ready to chastise the group for dishonouring their roots, but for open-minded listeners, it means a new and commendable dimension to their music.

‘Learn To Live’ and ‘Delete, Rewind’ further push the album’s post-hardcore feel and ‘An Open Letter To Myself’ will definitely alienate a portion of fans. The track is a harmonic ballad which evolves into a boisterous climax, exhibiting the true dynamism of Carter’s vocal delivery. If you can imagine Underoath’s ‘Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape’ and Finch’s ‘Ender’ blended together and removed of all Christian undertones, then you’re almost on the money.

‘Heartburn’ is another offering that could disillusion listeners. It is another ballad, yet it follows a progressive structure that fails to grow into the volcanic eruption that makes ‘An Open Letter To Myself’ so memorable.

However, Architects haven’t abandoned the heaviness of past albums. ‘Stay Young Forever’ and ‘The Blues’ would not appear misplaced on ‘Hollow Crown’ and Carter’s screams have not lost any of their aggressiveness; they are simply counterbalanced with melody.

‘The Here and Now’ may not automatically appeal to those expecting ‘Hollow Crown Version 2.0’, but it soon becomes apparent that Architects have produced an impressive and accomplished record, possibly signifying new levels of popularity for the band.

SOUNDS LIKE: Underoath and Alexisonfire with smatterings of Killswitch Engage.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You enjoy post-hardcore with an undercurrent of metal influences. This album seems to represent the second stop on the Alexisonfire Town to Parkway Drive train service.


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