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Asa – Beautiful Imperfection

April 14, 2011 by  

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Asa  – Beautiful Imperfection

ALBUM: Beautiful Imperfection
DATE: 4April2011

LABEL: Dramatico Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Wonderful eclectic feel good music




WHAT’S THE STORY?: The title of the new album from Nigerian songstress Asa has it half right as this release is beautiful indeed but with very little, if any at all, imperfections on show. ‘Beautiful Imperfections’ is the Paris based singer songwriter’s summer for her listeners to bring them a bouncy lightness and uplifting experience and she sure achieves that aim with 12 stunning tracks that flow through all emotions leaving a trail of joy and peace. This album is simply pure delight for the ears and the soul.
‘Why Can’t We’ starts off the journey to the light fantastic with its vibrant spring freshness that dances on the ear and has the same effect on ones mood. A great guitar and bass stroll behind the soothing and smooth voice of Asa sets the tone and the explosion of brass and vocal harmonies for the chorus brings the party right out of the heart. Generally Asa’s music is classed as pop/soul but there is so much more within her songs as she uses elements of jazz, r&b, 60’s soul, and rock to create her sound tapestry of joyfulness. ‘Be My Man’ the first single from the album is the perfect example employing so many of those spices to create a track that is stunning and irresistible, imagine Joe Jackson and you get an idea of how great this is, only it is better. Through song after song Asa’s voice flows like a caressing warm river with easy enticing sunshine and at times emotive vocals that hit home as on the soulful impassioned ‘Preacher Man’ and the album closer ballad ‘Questions’. ‘The Way I Feel’ is another perfect example of her soulful heartfelt passion with a full 60’s vibe recalling a Dusty Springfield in her prime. The other great feature of this track is the gorgeous chocolate velvet bass riff that stalks throughout the song and though every musician on the release brings something special to the music the bass of Laurent Vernerey is beyond adequate adjectives to describe its quality.
Included in the dozen gems on the album are three sung in Asa’s native tongue Yorùbá and the skill she has of making pictures in the mind of the listener through them even though most will not understand the lyrics is impressive. ‘Bimpé’ is a great little rock based track that leaps and pounces beautifully whilst ‘Broda Olé’ is a toe tapping country pop tune that delights with its feel good canter. It is rare not to come out of listening to something without one or 2 tracks that stand out as a favourite but here it is impossible to pick one out over others with delights like ‘OK OK’ and ‘Maybe’ just as wonderful as those already mentioned and the ones not talked about here.
Regarding the album’s title Asa says “The world has many imperfections, but in many ways, that’s what makes it beautiful.” and certainly her collection of songs reflects that beauty wonderfully just here there is an absence of imperfections. ‘Beautiful Imperfection’ is a pleasure that raises the spirits, widens the smile, and brings exactly what music should do to people, simply joy.

SOUNDS LIKE: Herself with spices of 60’s female soul.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: simply you love beautiful feel good soul/pop.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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