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Ash – A-Z Volume 1

April 9, 2010 by  

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Ash – A-Z Volume 1

ALBUM: A-Z Volume 1
YEAR: 2010 (April 19th)
LABEL: Atomic Heart Records

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Fresh vibrant tasty alphabet soup.

LOCATION: Downpatrick, N Ireland

LINE UP: Tim Wheeler (vocals, guitar, piano/keyboards) / Mark Hamilton (bass, synthesiser, backing vocals) / Rick McMurray (drums)

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Although released on one CD, Ash have gone to great lengths to point out that this is a collection of singles rather than an album. Complementing their quirky tour of UK towns in alphabetical order, it is aimed at today’s market of ipod-toting pic ‘n’ mix downloaders. Whether you’re a shuffler or not (no need to answer that if it’s too personal a question) it is downright good fun listening to this in any order. The pogo-punk of ‘Ichiban’ is a highlight, moshing into the equally standout track ‘Space Shot’. The riff on ‘Command’ is a dirty little devil and the sober schoolmistress piano chords of ‘War With Me’ soon develop into bouncy feel-good rock that will keep away the rain at any of the UK festivals this summer.

SOUNDS LIKE: Saturday night at one of those concerts where everyone is jumping around with a smile on their face.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF YOU LIKE: upbeat happy indie-rock.

LINKS: Official Website // MySpace

– Acid Steve



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