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Attack! Attack! – Blood On My Hands

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Attack! Attack! – Blood On My Hands

NAME: Attack! Attack!
SINGLE: Blood On My Hands
DATE: 7March2011

LABEL: Hassle Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Production So Shiny It’s Blinding

LOCATION: Caerphilly, Wales

LINE UP: ProductionNeil Starr — lead vocals, guitar, Ryan Day — guitar, vocals, Will Davies — bass, Mike Griffiths — drums


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Not to be confused with the similarly-named Attack Attack!, a Vegas Metalcore band who couldn‘t sound more hilarious if they tried, this Attack! Attack! Are plucky floppy haired Brits with a penchant for big choruses and gleaming production values. With one pretty successful album under their super-cool studded belts, they return this year with sophomore effort ‘The Latest Fashion.’ An ironic title for a band who here sound like a cross between Lostprophets and Take That, both of whom have been plugging away for many a year. (Yes, seriously, Take That. Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t see it after a couple of listens to this single.)

SOUNDS LIKE: ‘Blood On My Hands’ is pop-rock at its most inoffensive. The production is worthy of the most polished acts out there: note perfect McFly-ish vocals over crystal clear guitars and just-loud-enough bass. The chorus consists of some chirpy Foo Fighters-esque ‘woaah-ohhs’ that are ripe for singing along to. And therein lies the rub: regardless of how much you want to hate this, a small, sniggering part of you will derive some genuine pleasure from this song.

Despite the annoyingly slick production and predictably silly angst-filled lyrics, ‘Blood On My Hands’ is huge and anthemic, even, dare I say it, pretty powerful regardless of it’s total lack of originality. The song could have been made by any of the recent clutch of UK pop-rock bands leaping on the American post-Emo wagon, helmed by their large-fringed peers, but to no detriment to Attack! Attack!: they’ve made an irritatingly catchy song. It’s almost exact use of the pop-rock formula means that ultimately ‘Blood On My Hands’ will be lodged in your head for a good few days after hearing it. Annoyingly good. Emphasis on the ‘annoying.’

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You can still listen to Lostprophets with a straight face.


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