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Attention Thieves – From My Reach

October 2, 2010 by  

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Attention Thieves – From My Reach

NAME: Attention Thieves
SINGLE: From My Reach
DATE: 6September2010

LABEL: Believe Digital


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Standard Pop Punk By Numbers


LINE UP: Alex – Vocals/Guitar, Hag – Guitar, Ryan – Bass, Sim – Drums


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Fresh-faced Reading punks attempt to write an upbeat break-up song. And fail. ‘In My Reach’ serves as a free promo track for their new album, and there is a good reason why you are not expected to shell out for this.

SOUNDS LIKE: There is no getting around it: in ‘From My Reach,’ Attention Thieves sound like little more than a poor man’s Taking Back Sunday. A particularly impoverished poor man whose whole life has come crashing down around him and can no longer discern between good and bad music. Not to say that this song is entirely bad – it is merely adequate, yet offensive in its complete lack of imagination and aping of the same emo riffs we have heard time and time again. To add insult to injury, the vocals are delivered in the standard phlegmatic staccato bark that’s all the rage in pop-punk these days. Your ears will thank you for not turning this up as the lyrics are rendered meaningless and incomprehensible by what appears to be an extremely blocked nose and a lack of Vics vapours. Blerghh.

No, your attention will in no way be stolen by these ‘Thieves.’ And if they do manage to make off with it, your attention was probably not worth stealing.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You thought Blink 182 were the most innovative band of the last decade.


Submitted By Nadia



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