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Austerlitz – Self titled

April 27, 2011 by  

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Austerlitz  – Self titled

NAME: Austerlitz
ALBUM: Self titled
DATE: 15May2011

LABEL: self release


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Engaging and fun indie pop


LINE UP: Gil Charvet, Nicolas Robache


WHAT’S THE STORY?: If you are a music fan wanting a cure to the stale manufactured and bland sounds seeping from the pores and sores of modern pop music then steer your ears towards the self titled album from French band Austerlitz. Their release is bubbling with eleven tracks of indie pop of varying strengths in pace and energy but all engaging and leaving a smile upon the lips of listeners. Austerlitz is the combined talent of multi instrumentalists Gil Charvet and Nicolas Robache, and their sound an instant sensation of fun and pleasure.

The album skips into action with ‘Walking Into The Fire’, an unassuming pop song with glitterball keyboard sounds that dance under the light and smooth vocals. Though not anything stunningly new it is a good introduction to the release making the listener at ease and feeling uplifted. From pop we move into a rock pop sound with second song ‘Smoothing My Anger’. As we find the further we move through ‘Austerlitz’ the bass lines on the album are always heartily leading and at times as on this track simply stirring and pulse quickening. This rock track is one of the highlights and the other rock fuelled track ‘ Rotten Ears’, easily the best on show, compounds the fact that the guys as well as being versatile with mellow melodies can make the dirty and scuzzy sounds work really well if not better. The track has the indie rock sensibility and humour of The Young Knives or Dirty Skirts and is a song destined for repeat play more than any other. ‘Away’ follows straight on bringing a song from the other direction with a gentle melodic mellow flow basking in great piano play. Though slower in pace it is deceptive, as at times the track slips up a gear without warning but still keeping things light and emotional. Among the other great songs a couple worth a separate mention are firstly ‘ Seattle Town’ with its great intro bass line and delightful mid tempo bounce of cool sounds. ‘Stay In Line’ is the other great track to be noted; full of 80’s post punk electronic swells, flows, and especially vocally, it recalls a crazed mix of the likes of Our Daughters Wedding, Monochrome Set, and very early Human League.

‘Austerlitz’ is a smart and enjoyable fusion of indie pop from all directions current and from previous decades working extremely well. Consistent and crafted carefully it is an album that should take Austerlitz from a band unknown to many to become artists discovered and eagerly sort after.

SOUNDS LIKE: The Young Knives, Ideals and Our Daughters Wedding

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: indie pop is the flavour that makes your summer.


Submitted By Pete RingMaster



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