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Awolnation – Megalithic Symphony

June 16, 2011 by  

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Awolnation – Megalithic Symphony

NAME: Awolnation
ALBUM: Megalithic Symphony
DATE: 4July2011

LABEL: Red Bull Records


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Five Words Are Not Enough..


LINE UP: Aaron Bruno


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Aaron Bruno, formerly of Under The Influence Of Giants, returns under the pseudonym of Awolnation, phasing out guitars, bass and drums to focus intently on showcasing dexterity in synthesizers and electronica. To simply attach the term ‘experimental’ would not be just, Bruno has delivered a statement in prog-pop, a frenzied mash-up of seismic sounds. Through a kaleidoscopic twist of synthesizers, electronic drums and sometimes-tentative vocals, this is music that would partner the erratic lifestyle choices and PR moves of Lady Gaga more fittingly than her own successful output.

Bruno teeters at times on the edge of pop genius. Lead single ‘Sail’ is a prime example of this, delivering a simple yet alarmingly effective hook in the chorus with his hoarse proclamation of the songs title. The composition is jagged; keeping the listener on edge through a backdrop of tormenting synths and sub blasts that toy with London’s dubstep scene. The extravagance doesn’t stop there either, on ‘Jump On My Shoulders’ Bruno flutters between a playful falsetto and 90s boy band harmonies, resplendent with a chorus of “la la la’s” (Alex Turner’s gunna think he’s got a trend going).

The most apparent thing about this record is the fluctuation between different music styles; rock’n’roll wails in the style of Little Richard heard in ‘Burn It Down’ is followed instantly with a vocal delivery akin to Justin Timberlake on ‘Guilty Filthy Soul’, albeit a Justin Timberlake with potentially larger trouser-balls. The record constantly twists and turns, getting restless if any familiar rhythm or structure is created. This leaves tracks such as ‘People’ and ‘All I Need’ feeling almost pedestrian by comparison.

Bruno is, however, able to orchestrate a balance between the plethora of sounds and influences he has displayed. On ‘Kill Your Heroes’ he achieves a great dynamic between the energetic vocals in the verse and the staccato harmonies of the chorus, highlighting his ability to blend his concoctive output. Whilst it could be said that too many cooks are said to spoil a broth, Awolnation have presented an album that only needs to be refined.

SOUNDS LIKE: Middle Class Rut, Young The Giant, The Limousines

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You’re bored by conventional pop, scared of electronica, and pronounce scone – “s-konn”, not “s-cone”.

LINK: http://www.awolnationmusic.com

Submitted By Matt Goodwin



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