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Battleplans – Sleep Well

June 7, 2010 by  

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Battleplans – Sleep Well

NAME: Battleplans
EP: Sleep Well
DATE: 2nd August 2010


FIVE WORD REVIEW: By Numbers Indie Rock Affair

LOCATION: Manchester, UK

LINE UP: Nick Morrison (Vocals), Alex Atkinson (Guitars), Ash Howells (Bass), Phil Jackson (Drums)

WHAT’S THE STORY?: The first release by Manchester four piece Battleplans certainly has potential but ultimately falls short of greatness.
What works in their favour is the vocals of lead man Nicky Morrison who has a fine range, but at times the tunes do not befit the voice.
’78’ has a heavy sound with crunching guitars, but it is Morrison’s searing whale which manages to defuse the sound and make it more accessible to the casual listener.
It’s more of the same on title track ‘Sleep..’ which again manages to mix Morrison’s vocals with a more uplifting overall sound.
Where the EP disappoints is on ‘Words’ which seems to never get into its stride. The lyrics feel disconnected from the overall sound, which makes for a rather poor attempt.
Conclusively the EP is solid rather than spectacular, but if they can blend their lyrics with their instrumentals Battleplans will need to be drawn up for their domination of the British scene.

SOUNDS LIKE: Most indie acts out there, but Battleplans do have the potential to be much more.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: Mars Volta, early releases from Bloc Party and Fall of Troy.




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