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Bear Driver – Thousand Samurai

August 12, 2010 by  

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Bear Driver – Thousand Samurai

NAME: Bear Driver
SINGLE: Thousand Samurai
DATE: 6July2010

LABEL: -Unsigned-


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Psyche-pop suffers schizoid turn

LOCATION: Leeds, England

LINE UP: Harry (Vocals/Guitar), Oli (Vocals/Guitar), Cassie (Vocals), Joseph (Keyboards), Jon (Bass), Rich (Drums).


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Bear Driver are determined to dose us with Leeds-based psychedelic pop and to hang with what we think about that! Today they a have beneficently gifted us with the lead single from their previous self-released debut e.p. ‘Paws and Claws’: ‘Thousand Samurai’, which is now available free to download.

SOUNDS LIKE: It’s an uplifting, light and summery track – all jolly tambourines, cotton dresses, river banks, cottages, and commercials for Sainsbury’s Finest. The lyrical content takes an interesting turn, featuring layered male and female voice work. It’s a bit like listening to a Christmas Carol, except you don’t have to chase kids off your lawn with a broom. Also, only a handful of ecclesiastical carols feature Samurais. With regards to the backing, the drums have a particularly crisp snap to them – like a really theatrical slap.

The main problem is the structure of the overall piece; it begins, stumbles on for a bit, shifts tone and then ends. The shift encompasses a dramatic injection of a more eclectic and psychedelic backbeat that doesn’t really gel with the rest of the song and comes across as if it was originally intended for a different track, but got imported in anyway; which in turn ends too suddenly leaving you hankering for a song you’re not sure you even started let alone finished.

Such is the way of the Samurai though.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You want something with Go-Team spirit, but grown-up voices – except not as sinister as that seems in print.


Submitted By Andrew Gregory



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