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Big Deal – Talk

March 30, 2011 by  

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Big Deal – Talk

NAME: Big Deal
DATE: 4April2011

LABEL: Moshi Moshi


FIVE WORD REVIEW: Stripped back and switched on

LOCATION: Leicestershire, UK

LINE UP: Kacey Underwood (guitar) and Alice Costello


WHAT’S THE STORY?: As a prelude to their big summer album release, cross-pond cross-over Big Deal add to that glorious nineties grunge revival that seems to be doing the rounds with their new single ‘Talk’!

SOUNDS LIKE: Somehow the Big Deal have managed to tap directly into the vein of the post-party acoustic blowout. You know that feeling, when the dawn comes cracking in, revealing the dregs of last night’s excesses and a sprawl of bodies too ‘tired’ to stand, when out of the blue some guy in scruffy jeans and wife-beater manages to drag his acoustic upright and send a stream of laconic notes sailing into the air and everything feels all warm and peaceful even though your eyes feel like they’ve been scrapped raw and the person laying across you whiffs a bit like sick….

Anyway, it’s the classic guy/girl/guitar combo done exactly right. This isn’t laziness, but a case of stripping back their music to its bare roots without compromising the strength of its character; which in this case is a tight focus around strong themes of love struck isolation and angst without being dreary or whiny. The guitars are dirty and growly and the vocals crystal clear, with very soft, laid back harmonics, producing something that while not bleak is certainly desolate, a bit like watching a chip wrapper blow along a concrete seawall at sunset.

The real sweet thing about this is it sounds just as good with the volume notched down to a distant murmur as it does twisted all the way to thirteen.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you need something to keep you company in the eerie silence of the early morning.


Submitted By Andrew Gregory



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