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Black Moth / XM-3A – Black Moth / XM-3A Split 7″

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Black Moth /  XM-3A  – Black Moth / XM-3A Split 7″

NAME: Black Moth / XM-3A
ALBUM: Black Moth / XM-3A Split 7″
DATE: 6June2010

LABEL: New Heavy Sounds


FIVE WORD REVIEW: No school like the old-school

LOCATION: London / Leeds, UK

LINE UP: Moths:Harriet Hyde – vocals; Jim Swainston – guitar; David Vachon – bass; Dominic McCready – drums. 3A’s: Tom, Ged, Steve, Paul, Ian, Karl .


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Leeds VS London as the mighty gamma-infused Black Moth takes to the skies in an effort to take out sub-orbital cyber terrorists XM-3A.* Ostensibly all in celebration of the release of their 7″ Split (that’s what she said) on fresh label New Heavy Sounds BUT WE KNOW THE TRUTH (It probably involves the Illuminati and hopefully Gillian Anderson).

*Disclaimer: Neither party are in fact giant mutant moths or hideous gleaming machine men.


‘Spit Out Your Teeth’

Some good old Kyuss-style Stoner Rock on offer here. It’s loud, proud and what could be described as ‘dark’ – you know encroaching tendrils of the apocalypse, front seats at the court of Satan, tattoos and biker chicks style dark – but neatly sidesteps falling into melodramatic silliness though it’s menacing glacial pacing, sludgy, wall-like guitar sound and devilishly entrancing vocal work.

‘It’s Possible’

Another blast from the past, it’s a psychedelic mixture of grunge sensibility and punkish vigour. Lively, sleazy and probably containing secret messages when played backward, it’s like the soundtrack to the collected works of Ed Roth. There’s a beautiful nostalgic quality to this sound – like digging though you dad’s old vinyl collection – and is probably best appreciated if you have a deep love for checked flannel shirts, skateboards and not combing your hair.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: Yesteryear can still raise a tear and smile from you.


Submitted By Andrew Gregory



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