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Blisses B – Thirty Days, Sixty Years

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Blisses B – Thirty Days, Sixty Years

NAME: Blisses B
ALBUM: Thirty Days, Sixty Years
DATE: 11November2010



FIVE WORD REVIEW: Relaxing rock with punk undercurrents.

LOCATION: San Francisco, US

LINE UP: Benjamin Keegan: Guitar, keyboards, mandolin, piano, banjo, backing vocals; Noah Libby: vocals, mandolin, guitar and banjo; Matthew McBride: drums and percussion; Nicolas Testa: bass,twelve string guitar, backing vocals.


WHAT’S THE STORY?: It’s rare for bands to experiment with different genres and develop an album that doesn’t sound as incoherent as a DUI offender, but Blisses B manage to cross musical territories and triumph.

Commonly, albums can be categorised under one musical style instantly, yet ‘Thirty Days, Sixty Years’ amalgamates melodic rock with punk rock grooves in a way that is unprecedented.

‘Regal Goodbyes’ opens the album with wonderfully melodic guitar sounds that immediately send listeners to idyllic ocean scenery. Even more impressively, the track exudes a discernible earnestness that is painstakingly hard to criticise.

This aura is again evidenced in the album’s title track, which lowers the tempo slightly but includes a marvellously uplifting chorus that lives long in the memory.

Just when it appears that the band’s genre could be determined as “melodic rock”, Blisses B unleash the folk number ‘Valley Low’. Unlike its preceding tracks, it does not offer remarkable melodies and unfortunately succumbs to monotony after only a handful of listens.

Nevertheless, songs such as ‘Spirit’ and ‘Yesteryear’ recapture the band’s magic, with the latter combining The Clash’s punk rock urgency with soulful guitar work to great effect.

With their refreshingly inventive approach, Blisses B have produced an album that dances between musical styles and rarely suffers.

SOUNDS LIKE: The kind of soothing rock music that can work like a spoonful of Calpol to the soul.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You dream of sitting in a deck chair and calmfully watching the world pass by.


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